Monday, October 21, 2013

I don't have a favourite kid but one is sometimes easier... the question is, which one?

A bit of a while ago, I wanted to do a blog post titled "The Fabulous Fours". Seriously guys, there are some stellar moments. It's that mixture of preschooler and kindergartener that's so cute... like when she says "Fudgy Apples" instead of "Fuji Apples" and "new-cus" as a fancy word for boogers instead of "mucus". She is the cuddliest snuggler and she enjoys some of the little things like choosing decorations, celebrating events, having the doorbell ring and making popcorn. Cass can totally get ready by herself and has started to do small chores like tidying up and washing some basic dishes. She articulates what she wants to say slowly but quite well and I am often in awe of her smarts. She asks me questions that I sometimes can't think of right away-- like why is water clear and the sky so high up. I love the smart, articulate, personable child she is becoming. She is amazing and sweet and we simply can't imagine life ever being as interesting.

However, this kid is messy! And talks back. And sometimes throws tantrums like a crazed person. And is becoming a picky eater. Emotions and egos are starting to become involved and it's NOT pretty sometimes.... also, can you believe that she  still gets up sometimes at night and crawls into our bed.

And then we have the 15 month old. I read on Katie Balla's blog that 12-18 months is the age of maximum cuteness I totally agree. I love the chubby cheeks, the baby gibberish and the teeny tiny baby toes. She has the most adventurous palate and the cutest smile  and melts my heart with her  disjointed "mama". And there's no talking back! She loves her technology like phones, remote controls and anything with knobs but still goes old school with pots and pans. She's becoming a better walker  and stumbles everywhere before deciding that crawling is a way easier mode of transport. She falls like 50 times a day and just gets right back up without so much as a grunt. I also really, really appreciate that she sleeps more than 12 hours a night (hear that Cass? 12 hours- have you ever slept 12 hours in your life??). She is resilient, adorable, shy and musical all at the same time. We love her jolly nature and her tag-along smiley personality so much and she completes our family of four in more ways than we could count.

Yes, this is how we use baby chairs now.  

But this kid is a mama's girl. If I'm around in a crowd of people, she always prefers me holding her to anyone else-- I think it is because she is more reserved. It can get pretty tiresome. Even at home, she is always by me and loves it when we do side by side activities-- even if it is cleaning out a cupboard. And there are huge tears when I'm not around. I mean big, fat, rolling down the cheek, sobbing tears. And she's down to one nap already--- grrrrr! She can be quite messy too-- but I can't boss her around yet to clean up after herself.

So  to all the family and friends who always tell us that our girls are the best children and so well behaved--- you need to come before  bedtime or  when they've been cooped up all day! So yes, Anjali can be a handful and can make for a long day. But then again, so is Cassia. Do I have a favourite child? Absolutely not! Am I harder on Cass? Absolutely, kind of like my parents were on me. Is Anjali the easier kid? Sometimes... but seriously sometimes so is Cass. They take turns giving us trouble--- well most days anyways.... and on those really crappy days, there's always the liquor cabinet ;-)

But you know what? All kidding aside, I love our little family. We are happy! I'm so blessed that I'm able to be home right now to take care of my girls and D. We have our tough days but we work through them. Hey, we're not perfect-- but seriously what it?!

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