Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Fun- Family Time

First of all, can you believe we're at the 200 post point!? Thanks for reading everyone! And by everyone I mean  D, my parents, in laws, aunts, cousins, a few dozen friends and a handful of strangers :-)

We had such a nice family weekend. On Friday, Darin and I went out for date night--- I guess we don't do dates often enough since Cassia did ask us why we were going on a date as we're already married. We had trouble getting into a restaurant as I didn't make any reservations in Kitchener and Darin couldn't make it home to get to the place I had booked in Guelph we ended up going to this new restaurant in downtown Kitchener- we used to try all these new places before kids so it was fun eating at this new restaurant with its eclectic mix of food. And this place had no kid menu! We even had coffee and dessert like grown ups.

On Saturday, poor Anjali came down with a cold but we still went to a Halloween party at our local Kindermusik. So Shrek, a witch, a fairy and a pretty miserable owl  made their way to our music studio where both girls have Kindermusik classes for some games, snacks and music. Cassia loves dressing up on a  Saturday so Halloween is so much fun for her. She plans for months ahead on what to wear (with my prodding her to wear the same costume as last year). She was in her element.

Sunday was a perfect fall day- crisp and sunny. The perfect day for a long drive to Ajax where we got to visit with our friends Amra, Sean, Arissa and Aaron. We had lunch (and dinner), and hung out all day. Both girls fell asleep on the way home so D and I got to watch the best episode of The Good Wife ever! I mean seriously, best episode ever! A wonderful end to a lovely weekend.

Mummifying Daddy!

Seriously people, pictures now?

Want to share with a sista?

Shrek and Donkey

I've got the fairy!

And onto Sunday! 
Don't you just love parallel playing?

These two were enjoying "The Lion King"

Then they became three. 

And now there were four. 

My sweet girl

Their backsplash photographs well!

Amra looks great with three

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