Wednesday, October 2, 2013

mid week randoms

Happy October! We're enjoying the warm weather here for a few days before it becomes cold again. Linking up with Megan at In This Wonderful Life for mid-week randoms. Here are a few random things going on this week.

1- Darin went back to work after four months :-( We'll will miss you D but our bank account is glad you are going back to work.

Prepping his lunch the night before has begun again.

2- My sweet girl has starting  going to the gym day care with me. It's been very good so far. We get some tears but they're done in like a minute.

3- Look who's becoming so sturdy on her feet! Here we were in the park yesterday. I can't believe she's wearing eyelet in October. 


4- Now that the fun of summer is done, I'm going into major purge mode cleaning cupboards, getting rid of stuff, packing up old clothes. This is a cupboard that I don't think I've cleaned this cupboard in 4 years... I've been busy having children.


Mom's helper 


The after

5- Fall TV has begun again... We're all caught up on Scandal after a marathon session of Season 2. We are now officially obsessed. We're also enjoying The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Good Wife and Nashville.

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