Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Deck the Halls!

I admit, I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to decor -- clean surfaces, not to much tchotchke and minimal clutter. But all bets are off when it comes to Christmas! Lots of glittery and shiny ornament covered surfaces. Although it took a bit for us to get in the mood this year, we chugged along (my mother in law insisted) and did a more subdued version of our particular brand of decorating. We're not totally done but here's most of it. 

Light pink, white and shine….
The kids love it!  A has told me that 'it's wonderful and very, very cute.' (!?)

I love a laden tree. 

We attempted doing no red so even the kids' PB stockings are put away this year

The foyer

Nooks and crannies

Even the powder room got into the act. I omitted the picture of the christmas tree on the toilet though… you're welcome

Our merry mantle

Maybe just a little red for our North Pole breakfast--- more about that tomorrow!

I love holiday themed dishes and napkins and they're the first thing I pull out when getting ready for Christmas.

Linking up with Andrea today for the final installment of the 'Come on In' Series. 

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  1. Everything looks so lovely! We'll be going pretty minimal this year since we are trying to still work on projects around the house. I do love decorating this time of year!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! I really like the wreath hanging on the bathroom mirror. I may have to copy, my bathroom is lacking on d├ęcor!

  3. So sweet! I love your advent calendar!!

  4. The colors are suttle but beautiful, girly (sorry D) and classy. A lot of planning and effort I see went into this years decor. Great job!!!

  5. I agree: Wonderful and very, very cute! I really like the color scheme. I haven't decorated yet but it makes me want to go home and get at it.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! All of it. You are welcome to come decorate my house any time ;) Everything is so classy and beautiful!

  7. Your holiday dishes are lovely, wouldnt mind eating cookies off of them :)

  8. Your Christmas decor is very pretty! I am stopping over from Kelly's Korner. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by #36!

  9. I like seeing the different colours people use to decorate. It inspires me to move away from the normal red and green of the season.


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