Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

This post is being written from sweet Trinidad and Tobago where I’ll be writing from for the next two weeks. The sunshine is sweet  and family is all around.  My kids are surrounded by their cousins and are so, so happy.

Our Christmas this year was a bit different. As my brother in law died earlier this year, it was a little sadder, a bit quieter, less family around but it was still one that's filled with wonderful memories. My parents weren’t able to come to Canada this year like they usually do because of my mom’s surgery and as we were travelling right after the holidays this year. Also, my back started to really act up right on Christmas Eve which was not the greatest. But chug along we did and it was still a pretty special holiday. 

 On Christmas Eve, we went by D’s aunt like we usually do where we had some family time, a  delicious dinner, and some carolling. 

This family pic cracks me up as it personifies our life at times! Chaotic, drama but fun. 

I'm telling you, these folks take carolling to a whole new level. Cue the violin and keyboard (they don't have the piano anymore)

 Of course, we had to leave home in ample time to get home for Santa. On Christmas day, bleary eyed after Santa's helpers (D and me) worked late into the night to make Christmas rocking for the little ones, we opened  our presents and  had a big breakfast. Blogging fail- still need to upload those Christmas morning pictures from the fancy camera.

We then headed to Toronto where we spent our afternoon (and part of our evening) having a delicious, very fancy lunch/dinner with our friends Petal and John and their daughters… think seafood risotto, scallops, rack of lamb and polenta, different wine pairings with each course kind of fancy! I'm a bit spoilt for holidays going forward, just saying! Then we headed to some other friends’ home for an open house with turkey, lots of laughs and live music…. yep live music!

So yes, different kind of Christmas for us but with the help of our special friends and close family, still an awesome one!

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  1. I hope your back is feeling better! What a fun Christmas! Love all the pictures and the food sounds oh so yummy!

  2. I love all of the instruments and music you guys shared!! :) Hope you are feeling better - enjoy the rest of your time with your family!

  3. I hope you are having an amazing time, beautiful friend!! So fun to know that you are blogging from Trinidad! My Christmas this year was very different too. Not what I expected exactly. My back has been acting up too, so prayers for you...not fun at all! I hope you enjoy your time while you are there and that the beauty of Christmas continues to fall upon you!! xoxo

  4. Looks like you had a really great Christmas and enjoy your time in paradise - I'm so jealous!! Also that lunch/dinner you had sounds amazing!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Have a great trip! I loved hearing about your Christmas

  6. Sounds like an awesome Christmas, full of fun, family and laughter :)!

  7. Sounds like a great day! Glad you guys were still able to make lots of fun memories despite some missing family members. And what a great chiropractor you have! Hope your back feels better.


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