Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Everyday Life

Ok folks, be prepared for picture overload for my final everyday life photo a day for 2014.  When it rains it pours and the Christmas fun has been pouring in around here. 

Day 348- 
Picture if you must, as they're on D's phone and I haven't downloaded them, a nice family dinner and then a drive around to see the lights!

Day #349
Christmas Colouring.
Stick to the page kid, not the table!
Sidenote, she is obsessed with the Montessori yearbook and it is often close to her side as she loves to look for A-wex-- the Montessori Board president and a friend of ours.

Day #350
Went for a midday meal after some power shopping with D. He likes to go with me to the mall. I choose what I like, we separate. He buys some variation of it and then we proceed to meet back up. Civilized, huh?

Day #351
Last day of school!!! Class party!! Cassia with her extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) wanted to leave last of course.

Day #352
Loving those handmade chocolates from Reid's- a local chocolatier

Day #353
Dance party with Raven!!

Day #354
Yule Log= Happy Kids

Carolling fun! Except there was no carolling as the band had moved onto a more eclectic mix. 

Day #356
A's all like, where's my coffee, lady? And C's like, bring on the sunshine!

Day #357
Our visit to see Mall Santa-- an ambitious undertaking that's not for the faint of heart parent

Day #358
Christmas Eve fun with my crazy crew.

Day #359
Christmas with the K's

Day #360
Boxing Day was pretty low key with tons of back pain, some packing and a couple home visits from my wonderful chiropractor (his wife is a good friend of mine as he doesn't usually make house calls) #jennforthewin
I also downloaded tons of pics so that my iPhone is nice and free for my trip 


Day # 361
Travelling to Trinidad
Mama got the seat across the aisle because of her back. A was not pleased!

Day #362
Enjoying some straws and connectors fun. Highly recommend this game for the littles and bigs alike. I'm talking 'bout you, D.


Day #363
My cousin Shanel and her 'friend' Isaiah came to spend a few days in TNT. Here they are having cold coconut water right out of the shells.


And that my friends' leaves us with just two pictures for the rest of the year to be posted with all the other end of the year post tomorrow. I must say I've enjoyed looking back at these posts so much and I may just do it again in 2015. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and feedback.

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  1. Looks like a great ending to the year! Can't wait to see more from your travels to Trinidad :)

  2. Looks like you guys all had so much fun over the holidays!

  3. Nice! Enjoy Trinidad! I actually have a good friend who grew up there. Love her stories of eating mangoes right off the tree!!

    Your Cassia sounds like my Caroline. Heaven forbid she might miss out on something! Another "FOMO" sufferer!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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