Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday favourites

Happy Friday, friends! Lots of fa-la-la all around but I of course managed to pick up one nasty cold from my germy kiddos. They're fine, except for their perpetually runny noses but I've been congested, sneezy and feel downright ick! Note to self, do not accept sloppy kisses from a two year old with a runny nose. 

I couldn't let my Friday link ups pass though! Totally random post filled with holiday cheer!

1- Cookie-Mania

I won't lie. Baked goods are my jam and they have been  a-plenty in this house of sugar addicts. Though I should be having this…...


Instead of course, I'm choosing this!!! My awesome skor bars…. I'm fighting making a batch as we speak!

D's work therapists also gave all the physicians this. Isn't it a terrific gift? Everyone makes a couple batches of cookies and compile them into tins? Cookie exchange of sorts…. but you get to give it and not eat it. Yep, and there are homemade toffees in there…. I may or may not fight my kids for them.

I'm not picky, I even love these creations from Costco

I totally justify eating them, saying that they're only 150 calories for 6 cookies.

Even these babies that our kids' babysitters made for them were yummm. 

Pillsbury for the win!

2-Sassy Pants Times Two

Well my favourite two year old has been giving me a run for my money. She has now begun to shout out things like "No Fair", "dat's my turn, NOW" and of course my personal favourite "miiiiiinnnnnneee". The other day when I told her no, she replied "I no wike you no more. I wike Daddy now." 

That being said, Miss C did tell me that she loves to dress up and she gets her  sense of style from me and I taught her everything she knows about fashion. I don't know about that though as Missy does tend to over-accessorise! (And her outfits don't always match).

3-Christmas Shopping

This year Christmas shopping has been a bit more hectic as I'm buying for the folks up here as well as the folks in Trinidad (we're heading there two days after Christmas). I pleased to announce that for the most part I finished on Tuesday. That being said though, I can't seem to find some of the things that I bought before. Like for example, I bought this sweater for my uncle and showed it to D, who agreed it looked exactly like his taste. Now, I can't find it anywhere…. and it's not even D's size so I can't blame him. 

4- Favourite Post

You guys really seem to like my Girls' Night In post this week. It was fun to put together for me as well! I'm hoping this will become an annual event. 

5- Favourite Funnies.

And because we need a smile every now and again…..

Yeah, who likes fruitcake?!


This is how my tree would look if the girls decorated too.

And lastly, this one is for my friend, Jenn!

Have a wonderful pre-Christmas weekend, friends (and family)!! Mine includes a possible visit to Santa, a birthday party, friends coming over and lots of wrapping! And maybe, just maybe some baking!

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  1. Give me all the cookies! I have yet to do any baking but have plans to fix that in the very near future!

    Love the funnies.

  2. LOL I love the snowman funny! Have a great weekend.

  3. My Friday's favorite at the end of this year is a tribute to MY GIRL WORLD. I don't know if this will do you justice, I think you are sassy but kind (wonder where C got that from?). Strong but vulnerable ( maybe from an aunt ). Opinionated but very open minded ( maybe D ). Principled but live your life on the edge ( your own personality) and not afraid to make choices. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. If one out of your two kids like you at a time, I'm pretty sure that's a win ;) Not looking forward to the "mine!" stage, but I know it's right around the corner...

    And, as always, this post made me hungry ;) Ready to do a little holiday baking myself.

  5. Sooooo cute! I love all of these :) The treats look absolutely wonderful. Loved being able to read and catch up from your week. How fun to be able to travel to Trinidad! I can't wait to see pictures/hear more about it. Blessings for a beautiful week, sweet friend!! xoxo


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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