Monday, December 22, 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas PJ Party

I love Christmas jammies. These are from Gymboree and  this year I almost got the matching adult ones--- my password wasn't working and I totally didn't have the time to call in to fix it. So instead I just got the kids theirs. I love that they're not all red--- though they have little red ones… and we have matching ones as well!! Little gingerbread ballerinas-- which they love…. or bawwa-winas as A says…. I got you, A.

My pictures, despite being the incredibly poor iPhone quality type, tell a story.

C- as you can tell I'm a morning person… and a bit of a poser?
A- where is my coffee? (No, I don't give my two year old coffee but can totally tell that she'd be a coffee person.)

C- More poses, Mom?!
A- Okay, I'll thaw out a bit. I see my sippy cup.

Please take note of the sippy cup in A's mouth.

Me: I don't know what's going on but lots of giggles involved!!

Party in the USA… 'cept we're in Canada

Let's hug it out, sis. With our bedheads and all. 

And there you have it. Happy Christmas week from my bawwa-winas to you.


  1. Sooooo cute! That is totally my girls...Monkey jumps up, ready to take on the world, and Miss O (and Baby Nugget) need a good 10-20 minutes to process the start to their morning. Happy Christmas week, beautiful friend!! xoxo

  2. So sweet! Your girls are just precious!

  3. So cute! I couldn't find any cute adult Christmas pjs this year, so I just got Ez a pair. Love the ballerina theme though :)

  4. I think a pajama party is in order! Right after I get off work, run some errands, make dinner.... hahaa. But tomorrooooooow.... I can do it!

  5. Love your sweet girls! What fun they are having. Merry Christmas! Found your post on the pajama party linkup :-)


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