Thursday, December 11, 2014

Everyday Life- Week 46 & 47- I think?!

It's been so long since I've done one of these, I've kind of lost track of the weeks. Here are our everyday pictures- 1 per day for quite a few days….. with some of our lovely memories for 2014

Day 327
Remember our "girls' weekend" from a ways back? Here were my girls with their little friend just hanging out.

Day 328
D took this no makeup photo in the midst of tree trimming

Day 329
She has been begging for a thumbhole shirt for months, wanting it so much she  asked Santa for one…. but she did take matters into her own hands and cut her nightgown to make her own thumbholes. I kinda think she did a fantastic job. #madskillz

(Question, Santa- she reads the blog sometimes- might be getting her one from Under Armor but does anyone know where to find other thumbhole shirts. 

Day 330
In the morning, I take my cup of tea into my living room with my iPad and stare at my tree. It was halfway done at this point. #moreismore. For more decor pics, click here.

Day #331
The day before was my Grandma's 75th birthday and my family sent this pic. Love my grandma so, so much! And that cake was yummo!

Day #332
En route to Thankgiving with my family. Stopped in the Air Canada lounge with my free pass. Love me some solo time when travelling.

Day #333
This little man, my sweet nephew Liam melts my heart with this gummy smile.

Day 334
Hanging out with my bros! 

Day 335
This lady was so happy to see me upon my return and kept checking to make sure I was still around. 

Day 336
Have you ever seen a cuter leopard??
Got the headband at Gymboree

Also the day of our North Pole Breakfast!

Happy Thursday folks. I'm sensing a doctor's visit in my very near future. My five year old woke up in the middle of the night crying from an earache. Advil was the bandaid but we need a cure.

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  1. I love your photos! They are always soooo beautiful. It looks like you are having an amazing time this holiday season. And I will say prayers for your little one. We have one with an ear infection and worried about the baby now too. Blessings for a beautiful day, sweet friend! xo

  2. Love the thumb holes idea, looks good, cute leopard look, you are blessed to have a grandmother like yours, family reunion is soooo important.

  3. Lovely snaps!! I love your Christmas tree- so pretty!

  4. You are so pretty, your kids so cute and tree is beautiful.

    I love that your daughter is so resourceful that she made her own thumb shirt!

  5. You are so beautiful as are your girls!! Loved the pics!

  6. So many great photos and memories! And i think your daughter did an awesome job with the thumb holes too! So cute that she wants them :)

  7. Um ... I wish my "no make-up" photo looked like yours .... lol. SO pretty!

  8. Now I want a thumb hole shirt too! Clever girl, taking matters into her own hands :)

    I wish my airport meals looked like that! It's usually more along the lines of a $12 sandwich and a $4 bottle of water. Jealous!

    You seriously don't even need makeup. You've got great skin.

    Crazy you're almost at the end of your photo a day project! So much fun to follow along :)


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