Wednesday, September 4, 2019

First day of School and some Currently

And I'm back!!! Just in time for the first week of school... insert crying emoji right here. Though it is definitely time for some more routine, I always miss these little loves of mine.  

Here are some shots from our first day of school festivities.

We usually take them for a back to school dinner- their choice of restaurant. A wasn't well so we didn't know if it was a go but she still wanted to go but close to home so we could exit stage right if needed. 

Clearly, we were in fine spirits...

Ice cream to herald in the end of vacay!!!

I always read these books to my kids on the night before school and they either love it or humour me... not sure which.

Bright and early the next day... A was well enough to go. Yay!!

First up, our fifth grader!!!

The parents snuck in there as well...

We go as a family to drop the kiddos off the first day of school. And this shot warms my heart.

We met the teachers- I know two out of the three of them and love them! 

D and I headed to  breakfast after. A little date and a little cheer me up for me as I'm sad my babies are getting too big for them to call them babies.

And now, here's a little currently with Anne! 

All the school lunches.. Here are my favourite lunch box tips.

Time to sit and for a cup of tea on an afternoon in quiet reflection. 

That the years are so short-- and summer is never long enough!

Not too many calories after all that summer over consumption!!! See ice cream pic above! Time to increase that gym time and cut those carbs again... 

I usually try to limit my spending and do a no spend September more or less. However, I did save big in the Sephora VIB sale when I finally bought the awesome Dyson hairdryer-- still a major splurge! I tried it at my aunt's place some time ago and took the plunge after much hemming and hawing. With my thick hair- it makes a huge difference and cuts the time drastically! 

So many vacay pics to share and blog posts to catch up on! Good to be back. I've missed you, friends!


  1. Missed you too! First day of school is always bittersweet.

  2. Aw, I love your back to school traditions. Hope the first day goes well for all.

  3. What a great back to school post! I hope school is wonderful! I am doing a little spend month in September also.

  4. Welcome back, loved following along on your cruise! Wishing your beautiful girls the best school year yet <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I hope your girls have a great school year. I definitely need to work on eating better and moving more. lol


  6. Yep, allll the lunch making here too - I need to check out your tips! I feel like we got pretty good with it last year, but we only had to do it M, W, F. Now that it's everyday, it feels like a lot! And oooh I'm so intrigued by the Dyson hair dryer!


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