Friday, August 16, 2019

What are you secretly good at?

I saw this prompt on A Cup of Jo and knew I had to do it too... a little fun for ya' Friday!

What are the little things you are secretly good at? Here's a little list of ten random things that are my call to fame.  #reallynotreally.

1- I can clean out my fridge, use up what I have and make a really yummy soup. 

2- I'm pretty good with accessories like jewelry, hats and scarves.  The trick is one large piece and not overdoing the rest--- or lots of little pieces.

3- Need someone to win shower games. I'm your gal. I usually walk home with a prize.

4- I'm a pretty great editor. Family and friends call on me when they need to send out an important email, text or letter or if they need someone to proofread a presentation. 

5- Building on that, I'm awesome at word games like scrabble, cross word puzzles and jumbles. My kids are always asking me for help LOL.

6- I'm the queen of sandwich making. Now that I try not to eat bread, I'm awesome at salads! I constantly invent different flavour combos. 

7- I have long arms and legs and a short torso so I can do an amazing bind for all the yogis out there. I appear to be better than I am! 

8- I never set an alarm on a regular school/work day. My body clock wakes me up pretty well. When I'm travelling early morning however, I do. I'm not a crazy lady!

9- I can raise my left eyebrow and touch my nose to my tongue 

10- I'm great at easy entertaining. No nine step meal for me to make.... I pre-make what I can, buy a few things and try to enjoy my guests as much as possible! 

I'm not the only talented one in the bunch. D can choose the best thing on the menu and is better than anyone I know at packing a suitcase or a trunk, Alex is good at making drinks out of whatever you have in your bar and Petal knows the lyrics to every single song ever. C can make me calm more than anyone else can and A's comedic timing is on point. Dani knows how to throw a  cheap, beautiful party and my mother in law is a super hero at making platters. 

And a little tongue in cheek quote for ya!

Image result for special talents

Sidenote, what I'm not good at: dealing with when people don't like me, parallel parking and choosing the worst line in the grocery. 

What special talents do you possess?! Sound off below!

Taking a little blogging break for the next 10 days while I spend the last few days of my kids vacay with them! Have a good one, lovelies!


  1. I can't parallel park either! I am good at editing too. I want to do it as a job somehow!

  2. Great post idea! I will borrow this at some point. I can parallel park! And I am good at writing sympathy cards. Enjoy the last few days of summer vacation before school!!

  3. Well that was fun! Hmm...makes me think I should have practiced yoga more as I have long arms and legs and short torso too. :)

  4. What a fun idea for a post! I wish I was talented with words, they are definitely not my strong point but I do enjoy reading what others write! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  5. So fun learning these special talents of yours. So jelly you don't need an alarm click to wake up. I am the queen of snoozing so an alarm clock is NEEDED in my life. #9 had me attempting to try my luck at the eyebrow/tongue to nose thing and safe to say I can't do either!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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