Friday, August 9, 2019

10 on the 10th (9th?!)- 10 ways to be a good friend!!

Hello and Happy Friday! I thought I'd switch it up today and try a new link up 10 on the 10th. This month, it's all about the friendships and 10 ways to be a good friend.. or loved one... I have so many family members I also consider to be  my best friends. 


1- Make time for your friendships. Text or call if you can. Even a quick meme to bring a smile to someone's face. 

2- If possible, meet from time to time. With busy schedules, still try to fit in a lunch, coffee or quick walk together. Real time spent together is like nothing else. 

3- Develop an attitude of gratitude with your friendships. Always try to remember to say thanks when your friend does something or makes time for you. A quick thankful text is never a bad thing. 

4- This one is funny, but try to support their social media efforts. Like or comment on their photo. Like their pages or donate to their cause if you believe in it! I hold some of my high school friends in such high esteem who make time to do this for me. 

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5- Listen. You don't always need to voice an opinion. Sometimes people just need to vent. 

6- Respect their wishes and beliefs. Differing opinions are okay. 

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7- Don't trash talk behind their back. I had this friend in my teens who would always bash this other friend and the other day I saw her post such a beautiful tribute to her on IG. I couldn't help but remember how ill she would speak of her and really admire their friendship took a different turn.

8- Talk it out. If something is there between you that's not feeling right,  if you have the relationship to do so, call and try to talk it out. If not, take whatever space or time you need. 

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9- Give and take. I believe that friendships are about both giving and taking. No one likes a taker who doesn't give their time, effort or energy in return. I find myself getting weary of being the only one making the effort in certain friendships I have had in the past so I've paused on occasion. 

10 - Be happy for their joy and celebrate with them.  When good things happen to them or their family, ask a lot of questions. Get all the tea! And let them know you are thrilled for their wonderful news. 

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What do you do to be a good friend? Any tips and tricks to share?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!


  1. I'll be linking up with this on Monday. We have some similar ones! I so agree on #4!

  2. I love this. Allll of them are so accurate.

  3. Great tips! I particularly love #10-- it can be so easy for jealousy to take over but you really do need to feel happy and joyful when things are going right for your friends.

  4. 100% I know the feeling of always being the one trying to make the effort but getting nothing back, so I've let the friendship go.

  5. You were just a sweet and beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Great tips!


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