Friday, September 20, 2019

Labadee and Cruise Finale!

Happiest of Fridays, friends!! Back at it again, this time with the final leg of our cruise!! 

Day 6 started off with an a la carte breakfast at the American Grille.... not our favourite as we ended up waiting forever for breakfast... the freshly squeezed juice through the cruise was on point though!!! We ordered one for each of us (and shared with all) whenever we could.

Labadee!!! RC's private part of Haiti!

In Labadee, my parents came out for a bit!!

We took a shuttle to the ocean. It was stinkin' hot!!! Our deodorant was on overtime ;-P

But the water was absolutely beautiful!!

Lunch, entertainment, and back in the ocean not pictured!!

I miss fresh coconuts!! These did not disappoint!!

Back to the ship!!

My body was craving vegetables at dinner!

This kid and her loom.

Not pictured were the awesome Phillipino rolls our servers gave us for dinner as well as a phillipino chicken dish!

White night and a little show.

So many amazing shows on this ship.

Day 7 started with some fruit-- yep we were feeling the need for lighter eating at this point!

Every floor has different beautiful artwork. At this point, I started to take the stairs.

And did a couple laps on the walking track.

We also spent some time on the boardwalk where we took advantage of the drinks package clearly.

My kids dominated this kids' area. There was a bar next to it, so the dads were happy to supervise.

Live music for the win! And hot dogs for lunch. #winning.

We watched shows, relaxed a bit, did some packing and got ready for our last dinner there.

We still saved some room for dessert!!

Our servers went above and beyond!! They always brought out many different meal options in addition to what we ordered. And were on point with service!!

A live show on the promenade, a couple comedy shows and we called it a night!!!

And that's a wrap on our Royal Caribbean cruise experience. We had a simply wonderful time. A few people have asked how it compares to Disney. Both cruise lines have their strengths. Royal Caribbean has so many different entertainment options for both big and small, more of a variety of food, more restaurants, is a larger ship and is waaayyy cheaper. Disney's quality of food was better, their shows every night were very high quality, the kids' club is second to none, their staterooms are better maintained and there is a certain star service and quality of experience. I also didn't feel nickle and dimed that much when we were with Disney. It was wonderful when my kids were younger and more into Disney but definitely more expensive. With a bigger group with more diverse range of ages and budgets, I would definitely do Royal Caribbean again!

Thanks for tuning in!! Next stop, Universal Studios!!!

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  1. That island looks amazing. I loved Disney cruising but it is so expensive!


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