Monday, September 9, 2019

St Maarten!!

Happy Monday! We had a weekend that was way too short with  a neighbourhood happy hour (our turn to host), a birthday party, two play dates, a golf course dinner with friends, errands and laundry... always, always laundry...

Anyways, onto Part 2 of our cruising adventure (Part 1 here). Our first stop was St Maarten. I have always wanted visit St Maarten- this half French, half Dutch colonial island with beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and excellent (jewelry) shopping. With 4 very loud and opinionated kids and sweltering heat, we decided the best option would be just the beaches this time around. We lay around in the sun, splashed in the absolutely beautiful water, ate some lunch and had an absolutely wonderful day!

One of the only shots of all of us!


Guavaberry rum-the National Liquor of St Maarten!

A walk and then a very short water taxi ride to the beautiful beaches. 

And then those beaches--- so crystal clear and serene!!

Need to frame this shot my sister in law took of us!

Back at the ship and all ready for dinner!!

I love when my girls dress alike even without me there to tell them to :-). 

A little dance party and a little watching family Karaoke

I turned in for the night with some of the littles but a few of them went to the Aquashow which the said was the best one they went to on the ship!!

Such a fun day! Definitely want to return to St Maarten though ;-)

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  1. Look at that gorgeous water and LOVE the shot of all you gorgeous babes! Looks so fun!

  2. I've been to St. Thomas but not St. Maarten! It looks beautiful.

  3. Gah that water is just incredible!! Such a fun port! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sooo awesome! So happy you are enjoying the cruise! I have one planned for December with my Mom. We are on Royal Caribbean-Adventure of the Seas. What was your ship?

  5. I remember the water being so clear and so blue that I ended up going swimming in my clothes after lunch (even though my shirt was white and completely see through by the time we were done!)… LOL. They were beautiful and we just LOVED St. Maarten; it looks like your family had a wonderful time too. Love all these photos.


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