Monday, September 16, 2019

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

On our fifth day of cruising, we stopped off in beautiful Puerto Rico. The kids opted to stay on the boat with my brother and D, my sister in law and I did a walking tour of Old Puerto Rico.  We loved walking through Old Town and seeing all the very many picturesque roads, buildings, ocean and overall beauty and splendour of this wonderful country.


I just love all the beautiful tropical fauna

The beautiful Raices Fountain

The Old San Juan Gate...

I loved all the colourful colonial architecture of this city...

We made our way to beautiful El Moro! Words cannot describe how beautiful the walk up to the fort was. The ocean, all the lush greenery and the fort ahead- It was absolutely magnificent. 

The lady on the side cracks me up!

Not pictured--- how the rain started to pour. We hopped into a cab and into a hotel and then Duane Reade for a few supplies before making it back to the ship for some lunch and to hang out with the kiddos. 

For dinner, Formal night and lobster night...

Celebrating 50 years of Royal Caribbean!

Someone had their debut Karaoke performance with Cups by Anna Kendricks. I'm biased but I thought she was wonderful!!! And my Insta followers seemed to think so too, ha!!

And that's a wrap on day 5!!

Make it a wonderful week!


  1. What an amazing trip for your family! I could go for a tropical vacation right about now!

  2. How charming it looks and I love the print of your dress. So you!

  3. I was in Puerto Rico once a long time ago, I'd love to go back though!

  4. The walking tour sounds like a good idea (minus the rain!). I love colourful old buildings. Well done on the cruise ship karaoke, that's a tough crowd ;)

  5. So lovely! That photo of you in front of the fountain is stunning!

  6. I loved OSJ when we were in PR. Your cruise looks incredible! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  7. Looks like another really wonderful day!

  8. We loved Old San Juan when we went a few years ago! It's so colorful and joyous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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