Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favourite- Lunch Box Tips

As school starts, all the mamas have all begun to think of school lunches. Nutritious, yummy, finicking kid pleasing lunches. Easy, right? Here's the deal with lunches- I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. They're a pain to do everyday but at the same time, now I like to do them most days especially after I started to do these things:

 Build your stash of containers. 

We love little compartments around here. The Spencer Bento Boxes that PBK has with all the little compartments are our faves.  So are  Bentgo boxes if you want to invest a bit more. I invested in a couple containers for each kid so if one is in the dishwasher or at school I can pack the other one. #gamechanger.

Sunday prep.

Every Sunday (or sometimes Monday) I try to do some prep.  I wash, cut and sort our fruit and veggies so during the week getting healthy stuff for lunches (and dinner) is easier. These containers were from Walmart (Thanks Jenn) and were super cheap and I just love being organised for the week!

Make lunches the day before

If there was anything that changed my life was starting to make the kids' lunches the day before. I am so much more creative as a parent and nicer as a person when I'm not bleary eyed and in need of caffeine. I mostly do them when I am getting dinner ready so it's just one bit of tidying up.  Then back into the fridge they go until we are ready for it the next day. My kids have not noticed one bit of difference in the freshness of the food they get for lunch (I think that's a concern for some)

Leftovers are awesome

Chicken or fish for dinner goes into sandwiches, cooked broccoli and green beans as their veggie and soups put into a thermos. 

Magic formula

My kids are noshers. What works for us is this combo:
1- sandwiches or wraps. I sometimes do hot lunches as well but my kids are fans of stuff they can eat with their hands. We do turkey and cheese, stripped chicken, wow butter and jam, chicken /tuna salad, cheese and avocado etc.
2- fruit (1-2 servings)
3- veggies
4- protein/dairy (cheese, turkey, boiled egg).
5- other: pretzels, cheddar crackers, olives, dried fruit(dates, apricots, prunes, cranberries or raisins), granola, yogurt and roasted chickpeas.

Make it fun

My kids love when I cut sandwiches into shapes or make fruit skewers  or salad(I maybe do one of either of these a week.) Once a week, I put in a tiny piece of candy as a little treat as well... usually on a Friday.

Do any of you do any of these things? Any other tips to share ?

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Happy weekending!!


  1. So inspiring! I really need to start making lunches the night before.

  2. Sunday prep was always essential for me! Love the bright colors! Happy weekend lovely!!

  3. I LOVE the containers you use. It looks like you have a system set too. So much fresh food in those boxes too. Good job lady.

  4. We use containers but I haven't been too creative since Simon was in preschool! I put a sandwich on one side and apples or cookies on the other! I also make lunches the day before, usually right when the kids get home. Otherwise I forget!

  5. I wish I would have seen these years ago when my kids were little. I think they would have worked perfectly! My kids have finally gotten to the ages, where I let them make their own lunches. It is amazing! They have the option of school lunch, otherwise there is usually leftovers or an assortment of things for them to choose from out of the fridge and pantry. This might be my favorite thing about them growing up so far! Haha! ;)

  6. We're not in the packed lunches phase yet; but I do prep our girls food for the week on the weekends. It makes dinner time so much easier during the week! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I love the Bento Box Idea. I am waiting for mine to come...I am looking forward to using it.

  8. All looks like yummy and healthy lunches to me.

  9. I need to get some of those containers! And get on board with the Sunday prepping!

  10. My tips were also "put it on a skewer!" and "pack it the night before!" :) I'm right there with ya!

  11. I am big on prepping on Sunday as well and using leftovers. I pack everyone's lunches after dinner as I am putting leftovers away and cleaning up the kitchen. This is a great post full of great tips. I love those PB containers!


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