Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favourites- Transitioning Life into Fall

Even though it's a little after the official start of fall, we were having an unseasonably hot spell so it just didn't feel right to this island girl to be talking all things fall. As the temps cool though and my head space shifts, here are some of my favourite ways to transition our little lives in the 'ber' months ahead:

1-  Take stock of clothes: Look through kids' (and your clothes) and put away the summer stuff.... on a high shelf or in containers preferably so that your five y.o. won't wear her short shorts sometime in late November. Sigh while doing it as summer was awesome and kids' summer dresses are cute. This is when I take a look at the sizes and fit of their clothes and shoes to decide whether we need new stuff usually coinciding with back to school.

2- Summer toys/pool gear removal.  We put all the warm weather apparatus: bubbles, chalk, picnic gear and other outdoor gear in a huge container labelled... you guessed it.... summer stuff.

3- Hygge your home with some textures- I do more texture and sometimes darker pillows and some throws to add warmth and comfort.  
I bought a similar one sometime ago in Nordstrom Rack

4 - Switch out your decor- I switch my planter to some fall foliage. Nothing says fall like mums. And it seems like hot peppers and kale are the in thing for planters this year. I also put up a wreath.

(Our planter looks so weird at this angle ;-s)
throw a few pumpkins and darker accents into the mix.

5- Candle love- Here's the deal with candles. I love them. I really, really love the warm glow and the lovely scents but  some recent evidence indicates some not so great things about them. Cue the violin music. #sosad. So now I rarely burn candles and I've upped my purchase of healthier options like my very favourite voluspa or use a lot of tea lights in candle holders.

6- Canned pumpkin purchases. We buy quite a few cans of pumpkin and put them into many different muffins , breads, soups, stews and pancakes. The kids love it... and I love the Vitamin A they're consuming.

7- Changing your skin products. I switch out our lotions and moisturisers to way more emollient options as dry itchy skin is no fun. Body butters and face oils are our jam.

8- Outerwear- Make sure things fit  and can be found and the little ones (and the bigger ones) have the appropriate outerwear and accessories. Time to start busting out the neck warmers, scarves and thinner gloves.

What about you? What else do you do to get ready for fall?

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  1. Buy pumpkin. I love that this made your list. I have been grabbing a couple of cans each time I go for a while now. Yay fall! We are SO ready for it.

  2. Great transitioning tips! What moisturizer do you use in the fall/winter months? I soooo need to go through my kids closets, I just keep putting it off because I don't want to, ha ha

  3. It's finally cooler out here, but it could be hot again next week, who knows! lol.

  4. I bought a few fall candles but I too am having a hard time burning them after learning more about them. I just heard a fun oil recipe to diffuse that smells like pumpkin spice, so I'm going to try that soon. One of my favorite things to do once Fall rolls around is to pull out our card table and set up a Fall puzzle... seems to add to the coziness of the season.

  5. Haha you just reminded me to pick up some canned pumpkin this weekend to start baking fall treats! Happy Friday girlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I've been doing the same this week. Halloween decor outside but Fall decor inside. Love all the mini pumpkins. Target has cute mini porcelain pumpkins for $1 so I scooped up about 6 of them.

  7. Love the fall decor! So cute. If I was in a 4 season country, fall would be my favourite. I love travelling in the Fall.

  8. I am making the transition to fall today in my home! I love this season, it's colors, scents, and flavors! Great tips!


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