Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday- September 2017

Happy Wednesday! Here's what's been going on with us...

What we're eating?
We are going meatless for a few days for  a religious time (we're Hindu). I get very creative with my meatless menu so my family loves it. 
Monday: soy tacos
Tuesday: coconut lentil soup with rice
Wednesday: butternut squash soup
Thursday: not sure yet 
Friday: finger food Friday or maybe date night :-)

What I'm reminiscing about?
A started Kindermusik so I'm reminiscing about when C just started. The years certainly are short!

What I'm loving?
After the almost temperate weather, I'm so pleased that Mother Nature has decided to gift us with a few extra days of summer. Yay for pool time.

We did some mini golf the other day with some friends too... so fun.

What I'm dreading? 
All the running around in colder weather.
 And cold and flu season. I got a cold with a post infectious dry cough after and it sucks! I will be washing my hands extra carefully this year. 
What we've been up to?
We have been getting used to life as a third grader and Casa Year 3. Extra curricular has started back for the girls as well. This year, C is in competitive swimming twice a week, jazz, violin and piano. As previously mentioned A has started my very favourite Kindermusik as well as jazz and skating. 3 out of the 5 weekdays, we are out and about. And enjoying the weather lol.

What I'm excited about?

My cousin and my aunt are coming at the end of October for 2 days to visit. I'm so excited!

What I'm watching/reading?
Well... this week is premiere week for Fall TV. #itsabouttime. So far, the PVR is on for DWTS, Grey's Scandal, This is Us, Will and Grace and Modern Family. Any other recommendations based on the aforementioned? Oh and I've been watching Fuller House because nostalgia.

I got into Kristan Higgins earlier this summer so I've just finished  some of her books (Second Chance was her best written one) before moving onto another author. Elin Hilderbrand's new Winter book comes out next week so I'm thinking that I might reread the other ones in that series. Though keeping it honest, since Elin started to write twice a year, I've found the quality of her books have sadly suffered. 

What I'm listening to?
Podcasts, music and my kids either telling me about their day or whining about how hungry they are.

What I'm wearing?
The summery stuff is still out and I'm not complaining one bit. It's going to be cold before we know it.

What I'm doing this weekend?
We have a family birthday party and skating starts again. We might try to squeeze a date night in there some time or the other.

What are you looking forward to next month?
Canadian Thanksgiving, Divali and Halloween. October will be a busy one!

What else is new?
Switching up that workout routine.

And I'm also beginning to decorate for Fall.

And finally, what show are you most looking forward to in the fall?
THIS IS US! You guys... the end of last night's episode! This will be a heart wrenching season!

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  1. Your meatless menu actually sounds really good! And yes to decorating for fall, I fully plan on doing that this weekend! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. We eat meatless pretty often too, it's not so hard if you try, I think. Yay This Is Us. I loved it last night as always.

  3. Fall TV coming back is definitely a great highlight!! I need to start decorating for fall as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like you guys have had some awesome weather lately- send it our way! Also- the ending no kidding- can't wait for more This is Us.

  5. I'm way too excited about the return of favorite shows this week, and last night's This is Us brought on all the tears at the end! Yay for warmer weather and more pool time, and I'm dreading cold and flu season too. All we can do is take vitamins and be extra vigilant about hand washing and hope for the best <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I can't get over the fact that you still have pool weather. So fun! I think I'm pretty much the only person who isn't watching, This Is Us. I think I'll wait until it's on Netflix so I can binge watch it all at once. :)

  7. Yes Divali is coming up! That means holiday for me so yay! :)


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