Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Five

Hello Friday.... I've been waiting for you for a looong time. Here's what we've been up to...
1-So a death cold happened this week and I did what most people do when they're sick-- decide to take on some long overdue household projects like my bathroom drawers and cupboards. #thatshowiroll #butreallytho'
My room looked like a tornado for a couple days, I felt like I was going insane with the mess and my dry cough and I threw out a couple bags of stuff.
But I'm okay with the progress made :-)

I put all my makeup together in compartments in one drawer to take serious stock of all that I've amassed over time and to remind myself to reduce future consumerism.

2- We headed to a Day in the District in our old city. Lots of activities for the kiddos, live music and local eats and treats. Such a beautiful day out.

Aren't these mascots made of balloons genius?

The pizza in the shape of a cone.... also genius!

 Us waiting 1.5 hours to get the kids' faces painted-- not quite so genius. (the rose we embibed while waiting made it easier for the mamas though)

3- C and I also headed to Toronto with a friend and her daugther for the first ever Girl Expo Canada, an event celebrating all that girls are, can do  and can become. Lots of different shows, activities and workshops for the girls to attend with a focus on empowerment and esteem. 

Loving that the sports weren't total 'girl' sports.

 She met an author whose books she read previously.

Girlfriend tried her hand at skateboarding!

And then demolished some pasta that they were making in a parm wheel.

4- I made these pineapple glasses  and filled them with the fruit blended with yogurt for the girls on Monday as a little after school treat. Mom was the coolest--- for one hot minute.

5- And in case you missed it, this week's blog posts included:

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  1. How fun!! LOVE those ballon mascots!! Have a delightful weekend gorgeous mama!!

  2. That Girl Expo looks like SO much fun. The mascots are genius but I am left wondering how you get out of the costume, lololol. Happy Friday!

  3. Coolest Mom ever!!! That pasta looks really good! And the last thing I do when I'm sick is work on projects around the house. Haha! Hope you're feeling better!

  4. The pineapple drinks are so pretty and sound delicious. A pizza in a cone? What will they come up with next? lol Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The pineapple drinks are a good idea! I need to add that to my next summer list. The Girl Expo looks like it's really cool too!

  6. That pizza cone looks so fun!! Have a great weekend friend!

  7. Mmmm, pineapple smoothie in a pineapple. So yummy! Love the idea of that girl expo. And as one mom to another, you were MUCH more productive dealing with the back to school death illness than I was. I basically lounged around and did nada...


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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