Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's in my bag

On today's Show And Tell Tuesday with Andrea, we're talking bags. As it were, I just happened to switch to my fall bag last week so it's pretty clean.... and pretty empty. 

I've never invested in a grey bad or a Marc Jacobs actually but so far, I'm loving it. I went bigger than I normally do too and I have to say--- it's about time :-)

Here's the stash:
+my wallet. Love a huge wallet that can store lots.
+ sunglasses for the driving and walking... lots of it.
+Hand cream and hand sanitizer.... because hello cold and flu season and cooler drier temps
+breath mints and a random lollypop I got last week when we dined out and I'm keeping there 'in case of emergencies'
+homemade hot sauce in case of food emergencies. #islandgirl at heart.
+ my makeup bag including my very very favourite mineral powder compact, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara,  hair tie and clip (hello daughters and scraggly hair) and a lipstick and gloss.

What are your must haves? Can't wait to do some sanctioned snooping!


  1. I love that you keep sauce in your purse #genius!

  2. You're very organized! I need to bring more in case of emergency items with me (although no need for hot sauce).

  3. I love that you keep hot sauce in your bag! Ha! Once upon a time, I used to keep soy sauce in mine. Your bag is super cute by the way!

  4. haha, love that you keep sauce in there. I have WAY too much in my purse...it's insane! I need to take a tip from you and pair down.. a LOT!

  5. You have hot sauce in your bag! lol love it. Girl my bag has 2.5 million things in it. Ive done one of these posts before but ill do another soon.

  6. Too cute! And can I say, I love those sunglasses, I bet you look so cute in them!

  7. I love your bag!!! You have lots of fun things in there!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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