Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back To School 2017

Back to school 2017 is here.... Some of us be like:

And others are like...
(A at around the 18 month mark in both pics)

For the last few years, Labour Day weekend has been pretty chill. We've usually had such a fun, busy summer, it's okay to wind down on the weekend before school starts. We had a few people over, ran some errands, said goodbye to our Trinidadian family who was staying with us for a few weeks while settling their daughter into a nearby university and spent Monday getting ready for school.

First off (and not pictured), C and I took a trip to her school to check her class list, find out who her teachers are and where her classroom is.

I prep my fruit and veggies for the week and do lunches the day before #gamechanger. I'm so much more creative when I'm not bleary eyed in the morning.

We headed for a long walk as a family and then to the park for a bit.

And a mini run for me.

We then got ready and headed out to our Back to School dinner 2017. The girls chose Turtle Jack's, a casual restaurant close to our home.

The food took sooo long (so much so, they comped the kids' meals and our appetizer)  so we entertained ourselves.

And we trapped one of our offspring in a wine glass. Sidenote,that was my wine glass, not hers.
And then it was one last summer show before we got ready for bed and read a couple of our favourite back to school books: I wish you more and If I could keep you little. Bedtime was earlier than say the last two months!

School time! Of course the pre-requisite BTS photos.

First our third grader.
How did I get grown up to have a third grader of my very own?!

These PBK school bags will outlast my kid. Third year running, they're such good quality and worth the price for sure!

And we have one who is in her third year of CASA (Montessori) but technically a senior kindergarten kid.

Darin and I go together the first day of school to drop both kids and meet their teachers. A has had the same teachers for a few years but not C. Elementary school on the first day can be a bit overwhelming so we walked with her, helped her find her new class and chatted a bit with her new teacher. Then it was off to A's school where she took her sweet time getting herself ready and chatting before she entered the classroom. D and I then headed out to a very quick Back to School breakfast before he headed to work.

School and the playground can be so much fun but so tricky and tough at the same time. I hope this school year is filled with loads of learning and growth for my kids and I pray that they prevail over all their challenges. May their spirits shine and soar but may they also remember to be kind to their peers, respectful to those around them and show consideration and compassion in their interactions with everyone. And I hope all their friends and teachers remember to do the same when it comes to them. 

Have a wonderful day, lovelies!


  1. Aww, I love the back to school pictures! So cute! And that wine glass photo is hysterical. Very creative! :)

  2. prepping the veggies and fruit the week before has been such a game changer for me too

  3. Too cute! She does not look happy at all in that first pic. That would be me! haha

  4. And now it seems everyone is back to school. That wine glass photo was such a clever snapshot. I hope the girls are loving school and having a great first week.

  5. oh goodness! Back to school. So full of hope for the year ahead. It's crazy how much the kids grow each year! Love the wine glass shot, how did you do that? Must do with my kids, LOL.


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