Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer recap!

Happy first day of fall!! We are soaking up the sun still as the temps as still warm. Here's how we fared on our summer bucket list. 

A little bit of a back story. I ambitiously made this list in May before my broken collarbone so a bit of the first part of summer was spent recovering and beachy waved. However, chug along we did and managed to accomplish everything except for sidewalk chalk- well we don't have sidewalks in our new 'hood so it was going to be yard chalk. I busted out the chalk and everything but no interest at all from my kids. None. Zip. Zilch.

A few details to follow:

While we tried different recipes, I didn't try any new grill recipes. My favourite had to be a salmon ceviche we did. 

Riverside walks were often.

A's flamingo party was on the hottest day of the year and  was

Our road trip was to Rochester

The yes day was pretty easy-- but C basically wanted a playdate, some toffee from the market and her favourite foods to eat!

 Home made happy hour was very creative.-- spritzers, margaritas, sangrias and mojitos-- all using in season fruit and fresh herbs.

The kids' swimming has taken off thanks to the brilliant Sarah. Cassia is starting Swimmer 6 lessons and Anjali can survival swim a bit. 

Our anniversary trip was to Wine County, California and it was a-maz-ing

My basil, thyme and mint really took off this year. #firsttimeforeverything

We had lots and lots of pool days and had friends over tons! It made for tired kids,  late night chats, 
and lots of detangler.

Bye- bye summer! It's been a good one.

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  1. I think for having a broken collarbone you totally kicked your lists butt! So stinking close to getting them all done. Do you also find it gets easier as the girls get older? Can't wait to see the adventures you have this fall!

  2. Glad you thrived during this summer despite your injury! So many fun memories.

  3. Aw it looks like you had such a fun summer. I am determined to make a Fall Bucket list so I can reflect on it at the end. Have you done this yet?

  4. Great pictures! I am so sad to say goodbye to summer. I swear I've already been cold for 2 weeks. I'm not ready to be cold until June! :(

  5. Your summer looks like so much fun and bravo for accomplishing so much!!! I feel like I make lists or have ideas in mind but don't always get to cross off much. How about the only thing left is sidewalk chalk and they had no interest lol. Great job and such fun memories! Beautifully Candid

  6. Girl you rocked that list even with such a rough injury! I still can't get over that amazing flamingo party and pool days are always the best <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. You did awesome on that list esp with your collar bone set back! Funny that nobody cared about trying the sidewalk chalk. Aria doesn't care about that either. Ok then =)

  8. I'd say you did great, broken bones and all!

  9. Great job getting through your list! What a fun summer. I saw a commercial about yes days on the Disney channel. All I could think was that we'd wind up in the ER by the end of the day. Either injuries for the boys, or a heart attack for me ;) Yours sounded much more mellow than my imaginings, thankfully!


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