Friday, September 23, 2016

9 simple tips for staging your home

It's been a few months (actually 7 to be exact) since we've staged and sold our old house. As part of our real estate agent's schtick, he hired a stager who gave us little tips and tricks but in the end it was up to us to put in the work to make it happen. In ten days, we did a major declutter and overhaul, shined and scrubbed, polished and packed and got our house ready. I went a little crazy (like I usually do when there is a time crunch) but in the end, our house sold to the very first family who saw it on the very first day that it sold at a really great price. Here are my biggest takeaways for staging a house simply.

Sidenote, that none of these were massive overhaul projects as our house wasn't very old and our taste is on the neutral side…. if you google staging, there's talk about re-painting and changing light fixtures and flooring. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

1- Clean, clean, clean

More than anything, your house should be white glove clean. Appliances wiped, baseboards spotless, surfaces dust-free. I even went a little beyond and cleaned inside the cupboards, cabinets because people are nosy and it didn't hurt to have tidy bathroom cupboards just in case individuals felt the desire to 'check out the size of the cupboards'. 

 2- Clutter free

 We aren't huge on clutter but we pared down even more for our staging. We rented some storage and stored like our life depended on it. All the huge sporting equipment, kids' outgrown clothes, half their toys (including their huge play kitchen), stuff from the basement, books and out of season clothes. All the kids' remaining toys were relegated to two baskets and a toy chest upstairs. Surfaces had maybe one or two objects/ornaments and that was it. 

3- Hide the technology

Hide the phones, alarm clocks and all unnecessary technology while showing to make your home seem like a retreat. Usually by tucking them in a drawer or under a nightstand. They're just not pretty enough apparently.

4- Bathroom care

Spotless obvs but nothing like toilet paper stands, garbage bins or toilet bowl brushes on the floor. Of course, hide those toothbrushes and your massive selection of hair products. Ain't nobody want to see those! Well they do but it's kind of none of their business and it distracts them anyway. Hand-soaps out and finger towels. Make sure that there's no mildew on any of the tiles or calcium build up in the shower door.  Hide your towels that you're using and bring out the plush white ones…. Roll a couple up in the corner for good measure.

5- Plants and fresh flowers

Wonderful to add warmth. I borrowed a couple from a friend for the occasion as I didn't buy my plants yet.

6- No personal touches. 

Remove all photos. We had some beautiful canvases and lots of picture frames sprinkled everywhere but according to the stager, they distract potential buyers who become curious about who is living here. I had a gallery wall and I put fancy scrap paper over the pictures as to remove them and patch the holes up was tedious.  And of course, religious stuff.

7- Lighting. 

Windows should be  streak free and shiny- cleaned both on the inside and out and the blinds a third of the way up. Everything is well-lit airy that way. All lighting should be on for the showing-- even lamps to add to that ambiance and candles if you're okay with leaving them on while you're not in the house (we weren't)

8- "Basketize"

Baskets are your friend. Use them often and well (not that I use my friends or anything). Even inside the cupboards. They are also great to do a quick clean up before a showing. 

9- Kitchen care

All appliances shiny and many of your everyday items stored. Sure i use my Vitamix everyday but it was quite bulky so I moved it out. No dishdrainers, tea towels or fussy tableclothes. If fruit is out, be sure those bananas aren't rotting!

10- Ambiance

Apart from lighting, put on some spa music in the background (our cable had a channel) and make sure there aren't too many over-powering smells-even nice smells like the BBW candles I'm usually a fan of. 

The little things do make a difference. We've been to many showings and the ones that showed the best followed so many of these tips...

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Oh and I like to pretend I'm living in a staged home, so I still follow a lot of these tips!

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  1. Great tips, Sarita! I wish I would have known these when we sold our last house. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for this post... I may or may not be needing this in the very near future 😉.

  3. Thank you so much for this post... I may or may not be needing this in the very near future 😉.

  4. My brother is a realtor and he says the same thing about how staging makes a BIG difference. Your tips are great!

  5. These are great tips - I think keeping it clean and not cluttered with photos is great! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Great tiips! We were tempted to pay for stager but never ended up pulling the trigger. Your new house is gorgeous and I love how cute and cozy those 2 bedrooms are!

  7. It's safe to say our home is nowhere near stage ready. Thankfully we rent and won't be selling it ;) Great tips though!


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