Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back to school 2016

Summer, it's been a good one! Thanks for the fun. Life now is back to school and real life again!

We did our annual back to school dinner this year once again at Turtle Jacks. The girls got to choose but after a serious and deliberate discussion, they decided on a repeat of last year. It was nice enough to walk and so we ordered a huge brownie dessert (not pictured, I took a shot of the salad instead) for us for to share.... you know, to keep our energy up for all the walking!
 We read I Wish You More like we usually do before school start and If I Could Keep You Little, another one I added to the line-up before the lights went off.

Everyone got up bright and early the next morning-- especially this mama who had to pack two lunches now that a certain someone is in school full day.

I'm in love with the PBK lunch bags and it will be a sad, sad day when my kids outgrow them.

I should let you know that when A woke up, she gave me the sweetest, longest hug and we admitted we would miss each other. She then told me  I'm the best mommy and she loves me.  #mamaalmosttears This is my baby who when she was born, I decided to leave the corporate world. It's been four years of her and me and she's ready to fly! But it's a tiny bit bittersweet, I'll admit it.

And then of course we have pictures, lots of them. My parents will be happy, everyone else-- the verdict is dicey!

 My little ham...

And my big girl, when did we get a second grader?!
D came with me to drop them off. First off A, as we wanted to walk into 'big school' with Cassia and help her find her class.

They wash their hands before they come into class at her Montessori.

Walking in....

D and I headed to breakfast after. 

At pick up. First C and then A who was incredibly tired!!!
It was a scorcher so we went in the pool before dinner. Also to keep A up as she kept saying she was tired.

It lasted until 6:15. (PS. she woke up for some water at 4 am but then went back to sleep until I finally woke her up at 7:40)

And that's a wrap on 2016 back to school!! 

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  1. Yay for a great first day! You can never have too many pictures so I say snap away. Its also really fun that you two were able to go out for breakfast after drop off. I mean how many times do you get the chance to do that?!

  2. Happy back to school- I need to find something like those lunch containers for dividing up food.

    1. You can find them on Amazon and PBK! Makes life much easier!

  3. Oh my goodness - such a beautiful family! Yay for a great first day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Their back to school pictures are so cute! I love that they wash their hands before they go into class. I wish they'd do that where I live.

  5. Slow them down!!! And I LOVE if I could You Little. I cry almost every time I read it.

  6. What cute back to school outfits and those lunch kits are so great! First time I'm seeing those!

  7. Oh my goodness they are so stinkin cute! Hope the school year is off to a great start!


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