Wednesday, July 3, 2013

KL Towers

A few days ago, we made our way over to the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the 4th largest structure in the world at 421metres high-- Canada's CN Tower is the first ( woot, woot!). We had high tea there (it was so huge it was really an early dinner) in the revolving restaurant where Darin gave us an astronomy lesson. Then we made our way to the observation deck and finally walked around the base of the tower for a bit where we met up with a few friends.... take a look

The KL Tower

The girls!

Just a sampling of the Chinese 'tea' items. 
View from atop the revolving restaurant. Cassia LOVED this place

Cass wanted to take a photo next to the line up of the planets

Hello Canada!

This was when we came back down and were hanging out.

Some traditional Malay woodwork 

Notice our friends in the background

Here they are in full view-- our monkey friends

You can still see a monkey in the background.

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