Friday, July 26, 2013

Anjali's birthday pics and our trip to Langkawi

We've been gone for the last few days to the Malay islands of Langkawi- I think there are about 99 of them.  Langkawi incidentally is one of 64 recognised UNESCO world geoparks. We stayed at the Andaman Resort and it was a-ma-z-i-n-g!!!! From the long and winding road through the lush Malaysian rainforest to the refreshing and delicious ginger, lemon grass and pandan welcome drink to our spectacular room backing onto the forest, it was simply lovely. We spent the last few hours of Anjali's birthday there with a delicious birthday dinner. We didn't get out of the resort much as they had a fantastic pool, with areas so shallow that Anjali was able to crawl through. There was also a waterslide that Cassia went down at least twenty times. We spent hours and hours by the pool just lazing around--- even though there was a beach-- Cassia isn't a big fan, she likens it to a dirty pool.

The food was magnificent! There were freshly baked pastries passed around every morning for breakfast to the wonderful seafood we had every night. Darin and I were also able to go out one night as well to a harbour neighbouring the beach and we chose our fish, a fresh grouper and the chef steamed it with ginger and cilantro.. two of my favourite spices these days. It was possibly the best fish we've ever had.

We were also able to get out a bit. We went to the Oriental Village filled with little eats, great cheap shopping and entertainment. We took the Langkawi cable car where we got a breathtaking, 360 panoramic view of the rainforests well into the Machincang Range. We also stopped at two lookout points in the range as well and that was also wonderful.

All in all we had a lovely couple days and the only complaint we have is that it was just a bit too short. My iPhone also died on me and I forgot my adaptor so I only have a few shots.

Little girl with her little cupcake in the morning..... 

An hour-long flight is sooo tiring!

Sipping on her welcome drink

Everyone's sipping!

She was so excited by this pool

A mama and her curry martini--- yes folks, that's right! And it was divine.

Happy Birthday, sweet Anjali!

Corn on the cob anyone?

A girl and her mama

I don't believe I've ever seen a real lighthouse before this one

At the pool again

And this is when my battery ran out! :-(

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