Sunday, July 21, 2013

And she is one!!! Happy Birthday, Anjali!

When I was pregnant with Anjali, almost everyone predicted I was having a boy... It was a different pregnancy, I was carrying differently, you have the girl, now it's time for the boy... I heard it all. I tried to take it in stride but I couldn't help but get a little defensive. For one,  I loved having a little girl and would have loved a duplicate.  For another, I don't have a sister, I've always admired the bond that sisters have and because of that I wanted Cass to have a sister... And lastly, in my heart of hearts, I've always felt like I was meant to be the mother of girls... 

I'm so pleased to say that I was so right! I wept tears of joy when I found out it was another girl.   We love this child so much. One daughter was such a blessing but with two, we have an abundance of riches. Darin always calls us his two million dollar family.

I adore this little girl. She makes us laugh and smile, relaxed and contented and we just enjoy life that much more with her around. She brings joy to me hourly. So many people  who spend time with her say how good natured, jolly, playful  and peaceful she is. As a friend of mine said last week, this baby was God-sent.

July 22nd, 2013. My Anjali is one today. I love her smile, her dance moves, her two front teeth, her hearty appetite, her long baby toes and her sleep schedule but most of all I love her sweet,  spirit. Happy, happy birthday, my beautiful daughter!

Here is a look at her last (well only) twelve months.

Welcome to the world, sweet girl!

Once again, settling into nice sleeping patterns in August

Check those chubby legs in September

Here you are in as a lady bug for Halloween.
One of many hand me down outfits you own

You took your first airplane trip to Trinidad in November.
Here you are bathing in a basin

Here you are with Cassia in December in your Christmas pjs

You started solids in January at 6 months

In February, we had a wonderful family vacation in beautiful Turks and Caicos
Here you are 'springing into spring' in March
We had our family puja in April
Here you are on your first roadtrip to NYC in May. You've just begun to crawl around

Chilling in KL in June

And here we are in July in Singapore!

We look forward to many more wonderful adventures ahead with our little family!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, Juju! Your life lights up our life!- Dad

  2. yayy...I knew it was gonna be a girl :D
    just sense i always wanted a i wanted the same for cassia yayyyyyyy


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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