Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Update- Still in KL

Can you believe it's almost been three weeks since we've been here?! Where is the time going. Every week going forward, we have mini trips planned or visitors coming. I just know the rest of the time is going to fly :-(

  1. We try to do at least one different thing everyday- try a new experience, walk along a new street, sample some different local cuisine etc. Today, we both tried massages- I just came back from a traditional Thai aromatherapy massage --- It cost about $35+CDN for one hour- way cheaper than we pay back home and it is a very different experience- first of all, they wash and exfoliate your feet before you go in for the massage. Then, they serve you a warm tea. This particular masseuse found every knot and tense area and between kneading, prodding and stretching, I am way more relaxed. Darin and I tend to return very soon.
  2. My love affair with mangosteen continues- I will go into withdrawal when we return to Canada.
  3. We had such a lovely day yesterday. My aunt invited us over for a lovely trini home cooked meal  Although the food here is wonderful, it was so good to have some trini food. 
  4. Cassia is almost pull-up free here. Between growing up and dehydration, she needs to use the bathroom way less at night so most nights we go without a pull-up! Think of all the money we're saving!!!
  5. We go to Singapore next week for seven days! I am so excited!!  After a 15 hour flight and weeks of packing, this trip seems like peanuts
  6. Anjali is a little flirt--- especially with other little babies- she loves to swat them, coo and pat them. 
  7. I visited Little India this week with my aunt-- what an experience-- streets and streets of sarees, shawls, bangles and blankets... I was overwhelmed with all the colour choices but I did some damage!
  8. Only 2.5 more weeks before we have a one year old!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

This is what goes on when Dad decides to feed A. No utensils required!

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