Saturday, July 6, 2013

Around town....

So in all our travel before, we've not been tour people... in fact, we've been those people who've kind of looked down on tour people, stating "Oh, we're really not tour people. We prefer to explore on our own." Enter KL and our first real foray into sightseeing with a four year old and an infant. Yep, a tour began to look pretty good as a quick an easy alternative to getting the lay of the land. Besides, we figured that if there was anywhere on the tour we wanted to spend more time, we would return.

Let me say, I kind of wish we had done this in other places before. Firstly, we thankfully had the tour bus to ourselves so we had the tour guide and driver just waiting on us. We spent about 3.5 hours on the tour and visited 9 places, learnt quite a bit about the land, politics and culture and got some incredible photo ops, actually getting some shots of all four of us. We really had a nice time. Take a look.

The national museum

Traditional Malay Boats

The King's Palace

All the king's horses...

And all the king's 'men'

This kid loves a fountain

KL at night

A national war monument- aptly named National Monument

In the gardens

As I said, fountains

Delicate muslim woodwork- need to find some (cheaper) and purchase

In the city centre

KL_ the perfect mix of old and new

Cassie and the chocolate factory

Petronas towers

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