Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And we're back.... in KL that is!

So I've taken a little break from the blog-- hey, even God rests on the Sabbath-- who am I? Truth be told,  we've been in Singapore for the past week and I didn't bring the laptop. It's also very painful to type on the iPad for any lengthy period of time so I figured I would just get caught up when we came back to KL.

Singapore is amazing! Between mix of the lush flora and fauna, their little skyline, the collage of cultures, and the pristine nature of the city, it was a wonderful experience. Singapore is very kid friendly as well so the girls also had a wonderful time there. My friend Saba lives there with her two girls of similar ages and our kids got along very well. We spent 3 days in Sentosa Island, a relaxing, resort like experience and then headed to the city centre, Orchard Road for four days to see the rest of the island. Lots of pics and posts coming up soon!

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