Thursday, July 18, 2013

Botanical Gardens

A trip to Singapore would be incomplete without a visit to their internationally renowned botanical gardens. Singaporeans seriously know their flora and landscaping... I mean they go all out. From the beautiful flowers, to the lush vegetation to the huge koi ponds-- it was such an wonderful place. Their botanical gardens are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Coupled with how pristine the country generally is, our visit there was one of the highlights of our trip and a great start to our foray into mainland Singapore.

We met up at the gardens with my friend from Business School, Saba who now lives in Singapore. Saba and I last saw each other in Russia seven years ago when we shared a room for three long weeks!  Of course, meeting up in Canada is just too easy. Saba also brought along her two sweet girls, ages three and one and our older two became fast friends. We also met them for lunch the next day to catch up and meet her husband. She also kindly offered to babysit for us the day after so that Darin and I could get some time to ourselves.... let's just say that became another highlight of my trip!

Here are a few shots from just a small part of the gardens we passed through.

At the front of the gardens

Little posers

Strolling around

Our little family

Cass decided no more pictures with us. This happened quite a bit on this trip 
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Just cooling down with some ice cream

Someone is SO excited!

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Strolling around

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Even though their eyes are closed, I think this is such a cute shot!

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