Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Update- First KL Edition

We're so glad the haze seems to be abating. It was a rough couple days, being stuck indoors with Darin and Cassia being quite affected. Our poor Western lungs! Now it's way nicer outside but very warm so we try to do earlier morning activities or later afternoon. We're getting the hang of things though.

  1. The cuisine here is quite good. Malay food is a combo of Indian and Chinese but not the Western Hakka that we are used to. In fact, Hakka hear means something totally different... food from the Hakka region of China. 
  2. As part of our package, we have the hotel breakfast everyday. It's quite a spread and no one loves it more than little C. She begins with juice, then it's onto cereal, then sometimes chicken sausage and cheese and then a pain du chocolat. She also brings a mini muffin back to the room for a mid morning snack. I've begun to warn her that this is not how it will be working when we return home
  3. Cass has not been herself since she has been here. She has been way more cranky than she usually is and we are not  impressed. Where is the little well behaved girl we had in Canada. I know it's due in part to not being at preschool where they do all these fun activities in a cool climate controlled environment with lots of friends. 
  4. It is really hot during the day. We need to be careful with our babies in this weather. Yesterday, Cassia's cheeks got so red, Darin was quite concerned of sunburn today. She seems to be good though and she was maybe just overheated.
  5. Aunty Sabi is coming to visit KL while we are here too. We are SO excited!
  6. As the haze was so bad, we went to many, many malls in the short while we've been here. We frequent the Pavillion and we've also been to the Berjaya Times Square, Mega Mall and KLCC Suria. We're a bit "malled out" right now and hope to do some other things now that it is nicer. We have some plans in work for next week, a bus tour, a couple park visits etc.
  7. Anjali is so close to pulling herself to standing. It is the cutest thing.
  8. Happy Canada Day weekend!!! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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