Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Miss goes Swiss (Chalet of course)

Cassia's new favourite place is Swiss Chalet. For the non Canadians, it's basically a rotisserie chicken restaurant. Never mind when we go there, she has no chicken, just the kiddie pizza and a Shirley Temple-- she doesn't even like the taste of the Shirley Temple too much, but she just likes the colour.

Yesterday, I took her there for some very special mommy daughter time. She looked forward to it all day and  was so excited! She carefully selected her outfit, hairclips and jewelry and we headed out. We had the best conversation about our upcoming trip to Malaysia, the classroom politics in daycare and how Christmas trees look like the tops of mascaras. It's so amazing to see the little person she is becoming and what a funny, engaging personality she has. I look forward to many mother-daughter adventures with my little lady.

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