Monday, June 3, 2013

So tired after this weekend! And Cassia's first dance recital.

What a busy weekend! I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend. At least Darin is now off work so we are in more relaxed mode right now.

On Friday night, we had the Kanhai's over for a late dinner-- well eight is not late for people without kids but for us with five little ones, it was later than we liked but it couldn't be avoided with our schedules. Let's just say after BBQing, drinks, dinner, a movie, conversation, dessert and playtime, we said our goodbyes at one! The latest Cassia has ever been up.... maybe not the best idea as she had birthday parties and two recitals this weekend.

On Saturday, we had errands to run then our first party, followed by makeup and dressing in the recital costume at the venue (in the car to be exact)--- as a footnote, stage makeup, especially red lipstick is so difficult to put on a wiggly four year old-- you need a steady hand and lots of patience both of which ran short a couple times this weekend.  And then the recital.... boy what a recital, some very cute dances but there were 50 of them!!!  Seriously, 50 dances! Anjali and Darin came on Saturday and Anjali was a trooper but 50 dances is a lot for a 10 month old.   It was kind of a lot for me... especially since Cassia's class was #33. Their dance was cute: they did their best, flapping their arms, doing their first position, waving their arms, galloping on stage and then they were done. I was proud of my little dancer though.

Rinse and repeat on Sunday. This time though, I was in no hurry to sit through 50 dances so I took my time getting Cass ready, went back to the car then went to sit in the theatre. Aunty Mala and Aunty Ammie (on Cassia's request) came to see her, bringing beautiful flowers and presents. We loved seeing them and spending time together. We were even able to have an early dinner at Milestones-- Cassia's favourite... it was after all her weekend!

These kids were not being brave for the movie "Brave"

Snacks at birthday party #. She actually had another one later that evening but we skipped it. 

Girls in row

Pizza is always a hit at these parties

Present time is always mayhem
Stage makeup feels so wrong on a four year old
Anjali- taking in the show

Admiring her roses from her dad and me.....

Little Ballerina!

Anjali- Mommy, if I dress up, will you pay attention to me now?

Second birthday party 

Aunty Ammie tried her best to take shots of Cassia but this was all she could get. 

The dancer with all her flowers 

Aunty Ammie and Aunty Mala with C

So proud of you, Doll!

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