Saturday, June 22, 2013

Settling in

So we've been in KL for about five days now and were just about settled in. The last time I did this was about seven years ago when I went to Ekaterinburg to teach for a month. That time, I was with other MBA colleagues, staying in a hostel, eating food that was provided and on a student's budget. It's funny how things have changed but are so similar all at once. This time, though it's not just me, it is world's apart. For one, it's waaay more fun traveling with D and his runny commentary on all things cultural.. It's also safer! For another, we are lugging around two kiddos with nap time needs, routines, dietary restrictions and general well being to consider.... Not to mention all the stuff that comes along with them. Let's just say this time, the pace is much slower.

My aunt and uncle have been so helpful in getting us settled in. We honestly don't know what we would do without them. They've organized our accommodations,  are introducing us to the Malay sights and sounds and in general helping us to get the lay of the land. We're really having a nice time so far apart from a bit of jet lag for everyone except me and are now beginning to establish a routine.

The hotel that my uncle hand selected for us is in a perfect location. We're staying in a serviced apartment- very common here in Malaysia. It is opposite the Pavillion Mall and is within walking distance of an overhead bridge (a great investment by the Malaysian government I might add)  which takes us to the KLCC Suria and the Petronas Towers (arguably Malaysia's most famous landmark)as well as groceries, pharmacies and entertainment.

The food here... Oh my! Let me just say that even the Western food here tastes better with the Malay touch. Yesterday we had burgers and pizza and they were better than I have ever had in Canada. So far, weve had Malay, Chinese and Thai as well, none of which have disappointed. I still can't eat rice for breakfast or soup (both of which are very popular here) but everything we have had gets us excited to try more. We've also tried some local fruit- we love the yellow melon and dragon fruit but the jack fruit leaves something to be desired. And we're eating our weight I. The juicy papaya and watermelon- it's twice as sweet as anything we've had in Canada.

Cassia and Anjali are really loving it so far. Cass loves the pool, the Disney Channel (complete with Asian voiceovers) and adventures out. I'm also slowly teaching  her to read. A loves the Malaysian fruit and the Kids Club where she basically plays with a big box of blocks. And they both eat our money's worth at breakfast each morning, included as part of our package... I will have to blog about that one under separate cover.

So yes, we are good and we are continuing to enjoy this wonderful adventure as a family. Stay tuned!

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