Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tiffin Tea at the Royal Chulan Hotel

We have been indoors more than we anticipated due to the kids (all three of them) having colds and the unforeseen haze in Malaysia. This weekend though, the four of us ventured out to the Royale Chulan Hotel for an afternoon 'tiffin tea'. The Royale Chulan Hotel is so beautiful with its lovely, ornate Malay architecture. We were the only ones there, making us a bit wary of how good the tea would be but we had a wonderful time.  We snacked on some yummy Asian delicacies served in a traditional Indian tiffin carrier and  warm pots of Malay tea, all the while relaxing on the comfy sofas and enjoying the peaceful ambience... in the mean time Cassia, who is proving to be more of a picky eater than we thought, had french fries... even she couldn't resist the wonderful Malay cakes that we are becoming huge fans of.

Afternoon tea, definitely a treat we intend to repeat while in KL.

In front of the Royal Chulan

Getting settled in

All smiles- well as much as a four year old is smiling these days

Sweet Anjali

Mild Malay Tea.. note the sugar sticks

Note the four year old with said sugar sticks-- yes, I am that parent

Delicious tiffin tea- lamb kebabs, prawn rolls and traditional Malay cakes we all love. They are steamed, gelatinous, slightly sweet and so, so good! 

Yes, I am also the parent who gave her kid a french fry

Switching sunglasses

I think Cass looks very en vogue with my sunglasses

Our little family on our little outing

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