Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And we're in KL....

We are here! We officially feel that we are are world travellers... Yes, between D and I, we've been to many places in The Americas, Caribbean and Europe, but after that 15 hour flight, 6 hour layover and 4 hours again, especially with 2 kids under 5, we feel very accomplished.

Honestly, the flight, though not the easiest thing we have done, went really well. It helped that Anjali had her own seat and a bassinet and also that we got the bulkhead on both flights... Our prayers worked! Though there were cranky moments, both girls behaved well. Here are a few of the things that stood out:
1- Cassia impressed us with her movie watching abilities, watching 3 movies on the 15 hour flight and quite a few shows until finally I had to force her to sleep.
2- iPads folks are the best invention ever for long flights. Both for the shows I uploaded for Cass as well as the books I downloaded for me.
3- I made the right call with our meal choices- Hindu Meals for us ( no beef/pork- thanks Am!) kids meal for C and a Bland Meal for our foodie Anjali- none of that baby food crap for her. She tried dragon fruit and loved it! Let's just say there was evidence of it for days after!
4- Hydration helps! Between lots of water, nose drops, eye drops, wipes and face spritzers, we were very hydrated through the flight.
5- I left my travel makeup bag and expressed bottle of milk on the plane- I was NOT impressed with myself!

After the 15 hour flight, we booked ourselves in a lounge in the Hong Kong Airport and that time flew with the yummy eats, stretching our legs and taking showers. Then we were off again on the final leg of our journey which just flew by... No pun intended. It was then to the hotel where we refreshed before my aunt and uncle picked us up for a lovely breakfast at the Royal Selangor Club-- breakfast here can include rice and curry but it was wonderful! I will post some more about the food when I can.

I have photos on my iPhone but wireless is not readily available so I will post when I can... For the next couple months though, when I do blog, it will be more descriptive than photographic. We are having a wonderful time so far even though we are just settling in and have not done much.  Stay tuned!

Addendum: here are the photos from our flight

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