Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip to Toronto and a special person visits!

We've been away-- visiting Toronto for a couple days while Darin was at a conference.... the girls and I decided to accompany him, hang out at the hotel, meet up with friends and family and enjoy the city... it was an adventure but the hotel was waaay more cramped than we anticipated so we spent as much time out of our room than in-- let's just say it was a single file room only...

Having a quick dinner while Daddy went to meet his two PMs!!! 

Enjoying  some bread (this high chair was sanitized before)

Getting ready for bed!!!

On Friday, we headed to Ajax to meet up with our friends Arissa, Aaron and Amra... fun times with these two!
Aaron to Anjali: You're in my personal space

Dress up for the girls
On Saturday, we met up with Uncle Puran who was in Toronto for an official visit from Trinidad (he was here with the PM of Trinidad). Uncle Puran is my favourite uncle! I have many fond memories of our weekly Sunday visits to my grandmother's house, his famous BBQs and our vacations at his home. We were very thankful to spend the entire day with him walking around Toronto, shopping and having several meals together. Uncle Puran was just as kind to the girls as he was to me growing up. The girls were troopers too, being cooped up in a stroller for most of the day.

Meal #1-- shared by the 3 of us. 

Guess who enjoyed it most?!

This is what happens when I tell her to smile!

Darin joined us for lunch at his favourite Thai restaurant!

The sights and sounds of Toronto!

This kid was exhausted1

A Vietnamese peaceful protest


Come visit us again soon Uncle Puran. Next time, bring Aunty Devi!

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