Thursday, April 4, 2013

The relatives come to visit

The heading is the name of a book that my parents gave to Cassia a couple years ago... a fun story about relatives visiting each summer for a rocking good time... True to form, my parents came today for a ton of sugar and spoilage (made up word meaning spoiling the kids). They were supposed to come later today but they were too excited last night and couldn't sleep so they ended up driving through the night to get here early this morning. They are here to spend some time with us this weekend for Cassia's birthday and tomorrow Darin's mom comes in as well. Cassia is thrilled about all the visitors and Anjali-- well, once I am around she is taking quite well to everyone.

One of like five presents Cassia opened today.


Cookies and a costume- both courtesy Grandma

Playtime with Nana in the park. That dog by the way is not ours but rather  the dog of someone they befriended in the park. 

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