Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend Fun

This Easter weekend was so busy, filled with family, friends, fun and just a touch of spring. On Good Friday, our cousins Ammie and Mo came to visit. We don't spend as much time as we'd like to with these to so it was great to spend almost the entire day. We had great conversation, meals and even got to take the kids to the park for a bit.

On Saturday, we did a ton of baking. Cassia also made Easter bark which she then proceeded to consume most of. We were also able to go out a bit again and I even got a nice long run in.

The Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning-- let's just say we have way too much chocolate in this house right now-- not good! We then made the trek to Ajax to our friends' Amra and Sean's house for a good old fashioned trini lime- complete with pepper shrimp, currants rolls, chicken puffs and homemade coconut ice cream! Cassia had a blast with Arisa once again.

On Monday while most people went back to work, Darin was able to stay home, giving us a nice four day weekend. Our friends Mona, Dennis and their sweet boy Tommy came over for brunch. After that, the four of us watched a four hour indian movie, Baabul. Cassia began to cry during the wedding scene saying that she doesn't want to move out when she gets married. We had a nice long chat with her complete with a promise that when she grows up, she and her husband can live in our basement.

Of course it is cold once again and there is snow on the ground. At this rate, we will still be seeing snow in July!

Sweet A is loving the swings.

Anjali is like- who is this lady in this yellow coat, holding me hostage?

The Easter Bunny is entertaining our guests

Mo is teaching Anjali tae-bo boxing 

Muching on an Easter treat

Tea time at Arisa's house

Andrea makes the best goodie-bags for the kids!

Yes, that is Anjali and no, Jo is not feeding her

Gangnam Style

Cassia and her Alyssa

I LOVE this pic

Other people's toys are so much better, right Cass?!

Anjali, Cassia and Tommy

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