Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is about the journey...

... more than the outcome. 

So I know that I've alluded to some adventurous plans of ours to come. Here is the back-story followed by the "big" unveil. 

When Cassia was born, Darin took six months off work. We overlapped by over one month before I went back to work and in that month we went to Trinidad. We had a wonderful time in the place that we grew up and Cassia got to spend some time with all our family down there. We even stuck trips to Grenada and Tobago in there.

Even though I am not going back to the corporate world, Darin still wants to take some time off with Anjali.... we'll just retire a bit later.  We were all set to go to Trinidad again, this time some friends of ours were coming as well (other trinis) and we had some stellar plans in the works. Then Darin began to think about having an "adventure".... seriously, that's what he called it! He has always wanted to live abroad  for a while with the kids and totally immerse ourselves in another culture… live and experience something totally different. I was at first a bit hesitant as I will be the first to admit, I am quite spoilt by Western luxuries. However, we realised this would be the last time we would be able to do this as Cassia begins school in September and we will be confined by the school year.  The more we thought about it separately and together, the more it appealed to us.  In less than two days, we made up our minds and got the ball rolling.

So…in mid-June, we will be travelling to… wait for it…. Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur to be exact- for two months! While there, we will go to a couple other Malaysian islands and also visit Singapore. My dad’s sister and her husband live there so they have been a Godsend in helping us to find short-term accommodations (not very easy to find, nor very cheap, let me tell you).   We are also more comfortable at least knowing friendly faces there as well. 

We are very excited. We have stuck to very easy travel since having children focusing on sun, sea and family but we are really looking forward to this break in our schedules and Western lives. Some of our best memories have been our travels and we really want to create some amazing new memories while including the two most important people in our lives. Yes, I know they (especially A) will remember nothing but we want to enjoy their company while they are still young and don’t have any choice but to hang around us and experience amazing things with them in tow.

Are we scared—you bet! It’s different from anything we’ve ever done. Neither of us have been to the East before so we don’t know what to expect … and the flight! It’s 15 hours to Hong Kong, believe it or not, followed by a six hour layover and then a four hour flight… I have panic attacks ever so often thinking of it! We are preparing for it as much as possible though, with lots of research, help from the airlines, positive thinking and prayer (lots of it!). We are thinking though that no matter what, it will just be 15 hours (well 30) of our lives and it will be yet another story we will live to tell…

So there is it! I will keep you posted but LOTS going on in terms of travel prep, researching hotels, booking different flights etc. Exciting, wonderful times ahead!

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