Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Cassia

Happy Birthday Sweet Cassia!

 Four years ago, our lives changed forever. After 36 (yes, 36) hard hours, we were so happy to have a daughter and we are so proud of the playful, kind, sassy, beautiful little girl you are becoming. We laugh daily at your comical nature and we smile at your sweetness. We are amazed at how quickly you learn and how many questions you ask. We hope that the next year of your life is one blessed with health, happiness and learning as you enjoy many different adventures!

Here's a look at you in this past year.

On April last year, we celebrated your 3rd birthday with an Easter party in Trinidad

In May, we enjoyed the swings and the park in the lovely spring weather

In June, we were getting our little family ready for a new addition

In July, you met your sweet sister and lifelong friend, Anjali 

In August, you loved spending time in the park while your sister slept in the stroller

Here you are in September enjoying some homemade pumpkin poppers and getting ready for  fall

In October, you were a fairy for Halloween and ate way too much candy

We were in Trinidad once again in November for Veena's wedding

We enjoyed Christmas Eve in Mississauga 

You loved the huge snow storm in January

You loved the Beaches in Turks and Caicos in February

Easter activities like Easter night in daycare were lots of fun in March

And here we are again in April for your 4th Birthday.

We love you LOTS and know that you are destined for wonderful things!!!! 

Love: Mommy, Daddy and Anjali

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