Saturday, April 6, 2013

Go shorty- it's your birthday!

My sweet Cassia had her 4th birthday party today- it was a 'Princess Party" at a local craft and pottery studio. Those who know me well and have heard my diatribe on princesses would find my caving in to this party quite amusing but she and her friends had a blast. They coloured, decorated crowns, played dress up, had a princess parade, played party games, painted wings and had way too much sugar... let's just say there were some very happy girls!

So excited for the party

Colouring time

Painting faces. She literally had a crown painted onto her face. 

Lots of princess presents--- anyone notice a theme here

Dressing up 

Lots of choices


All the girls

Getting ready to paint the wings

The cupcake dress

Happy Birthday, our sweet Cass!

Anjali and Ajee also made an appearance towards the end. 

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