Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not an American Girl kind of girl

When I was a teenager, my cousin Shanel collected the most beautiful Barbies. She really took care of them, they were always neatly combed, pressed and dressed. Many were still in their boxes. When she outgrew them, she passed them onto my other cousin, sweet Roxy. Rox had a different way of playing with them. They were all given baths, hairstyles and stripped of their clothes. Shanel was not pleased when she saw her beloved dolls. I was amused but totally understood Shanel's POV.

Sooo--- guess which kind of girl my preschooler is? Yes, folks I have a bunch of Disney Princesses (ick), Fairies and Barbies in this house... Cass loves her dolls, they are her favourite toys but almost all are missing their original outfits, slippers, wings, hair-ties and they even have matted hair and a broken limb or two... We sometimes have to play doll hospital. Dolls have even been given haircuts.  When Ajee visited, she was very dismayed by the state of these poor dolls and spent many a night fixing their clothes, shoes and especially hairstyles... the neatness was shortlived though... in a couple days, the dolls were back to their decrepit state.

I really wanted to get Cassia an American Girl doll for her birthday (the Maplelea Canadian girls are way too scary looking for my taste). They are so beautiful with a very high level of intricate detail. My business brain totally understands why this brand has the following it does. I was planning to take her to the flagship American Girl store in NYC and let her choose one that looked something like her.  Slowly, we would begin to build her wardrobe and for each occasion I would buy her an accessory or outfit. However, I am afraid she is not ready for it and now I really highly doubt she will ever be....

There is always Anjali...

Ajee's salon

Pretty Dolls--- for now! 

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