Friday, April 12, 2013

Cassia's 4th birthday- last post- Promise!

Boy oh boy, this kid had a lot of birthday celebrations! From the party with her school friends on the Saturday to lunch with her grandparents on Sunday to cake in preschool on Tuesday to the actual birthday on the Wednesday, we were all birthday-ed out! On Wednesday, it's her day off from school so we spent the day doing Cassia focused activities.... take a look.

Her first gifts- her hamper with clothes-- not her favourite gift

Birthday girl's favourite breakfast- chocolate chip pancakes with bananas.  THe candles aren't showing up on the pancakes but they were there. 

Getting ready for our day

Enjoying a Happy Meal for lunch

Sweet sisters

We then went to Target where she got to choose some toys!

Then to the butterfly conservatory 

Ajee and her girls

Daddy also came along 

Anjali was so  captivated by the butterflies

My cutie baby!

Enjoying a popsicle

HEr favourite gift from Ajee- about 7 dolls. She took them to dinner

Ajee and Uncle Sunil came along

But we left Anjali home with the babysitter

Cassia's birthday cake as per her request when she had it here 

Now the birthday is done, but cake is still around and we have SO many toys around! Hope you had a wonderful time Cass!

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