Monday, September 18, 2017

Cruising with Disney- Part 3

Happy Monday, friends! Here's the final installment of our Disney Fantasy cruise. 

On Day 5, we docked at Cozumel. We had been to Cozumel before and we really had liked it... this time though... D and I decided to explore on our own as my kids wanted to stay on the ship and my parents also said they would come out on the dock but head back after exploring a bit. That was probably for the best as there were so many different guides offering deals. It got a little overwhelming and honestly, a little irritating. Finally, we bought one of the deals to a 'snorkeling' beach. Sidenote, snorkelling beach= coral ridden, not very swimmable beach. 

When we got to the beach club via the oldest vehicle I'd ever been in, it was an older one but we sat in the lounge chairs for a bit, it began to rain and there were vendors trying to peddle their goods every few minutes. There was wireless though :-) And margaritas. We'd had enough so we took some false pics, headed back to the ship and had some nachos there.

We are pretending here :-)

Back to the ship-- yay. Since the kids were with my parents, we headed to lunch, took a long nap in the adult section of the ship and played some mini-golf. 
Then it was pirate night but we headed for a belated anniversary meal at Palo, one of the adult restaurants.

Pirate night is awesome with so many people getting dressed up. There are dance parties, a show and fireworks at the very end.

The next day, we were on sea. There was lots of pool time, Aquaduct time (the huge water slide around the ship), eating, shows and hidden mystery time. It was also semi formal night but I can't seem to find many pictures.

They cut my kids' chicken up at the meal. I love it :-)
Our final full day with the cruise, we spent it on Castaway Cay, Disney's beautiful private island off the Bahamas.

Clearly my kids got a lot of sun and aren't having fun at all. (1 of the 2 statements are true)

We ate, drank, swam, walked around  and had a wonderful time!

We saw a tnt flag and had to take a picture

And then back to our ship for our final night, dinner and a show!

Bye  Disney ships! See you in a couple years. 

Beautiful family memories created! I highly recommend the Disney cruise line if you have kids and are looking to cruise. Such a fun experience. You can read Part 1 and 2 here.

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  1. You guys are so adorable and that looks like the perfect cruise! Looking fierce in that black dress my friend! Happy Monday!

  2. Sounds like cozumel was a little disappointing but not castaway cay! Our cruise went to cozumel but not the private island. I have to get there one day!

  3. They cut up their meet! That is genius. Mama's need that kind of service. What an AMAZING trip friend.

  4. Oh how I love cruising! I'm totally craving another cruise vacay after all your posts! And I hear ya on the coral ridden beaches being unswimmable, that was what our resort was like on our honeymoon which was a bummer. Great for snorkeling, but not for swimming.
    Green Fashionista

  5. That sucks about Cozumel but glad the trip was good otherwise. Yall are so cute!

  6. Sorry to hear Cozumel was a disappointment, I hate being hustled by all the travel deals ad then shop owners. Sounds like the rest of the trip made up for it with lots of fun and relaxing on Disney's Island. xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  7. The food on cruises always looks so good! I'm sorry that you guys didn't have a good time in cozumel, that's one port I haven't been to! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston


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