Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone. Extreme cold temperature alert here- think -25 to -30 Celcius. That's -13 to -22 Farenheit…. Yep, for the first time I can remember my poor hands are beginning to get winter burn…. I guess all the constant hand washing from potty training doesn't help as well. Onto topics that make me just a bit happier and hopefully you too :-)

1- Favourite Valentines Treats

I'm all about the treats here in these parts so my girls are giving out their treats today at school. I did chocolate (on a stick) for A's friends and little fruit snacks for the bigger kids in C's group. Bigger kids seem to be all about the sugary stuff. Then there are teachers- some handmade (not by me) soaps for some and lindt chocolates for the others… and then there's stuff for my kids… and not forgetting D! No wonder, I'm needing more caffeine these days. 

(PS. If you need lovely Valentines label templates and you are just as uncreative as I am, the Avery  website has your back with some great free ones)

2- Valentine Fun

So what are your plans for the Day of Love? This year we're having some friends with kids over for the actual day. I've bought some crafts and some cupcakes to decorate. Everyone's bringing an appie and there will be wine… and chocolate… and some takeout for dinner for whoever's staying. Should be a good time. And we have our alone dinner next week when things die down a bit. 

3- Cauliflower rice

I am obsessed with cauliflower rice after trying it for the first time this week. My take on a recipe coming soon. Just use in place of ordinary rice and eliminate those grains- and cut the calories. Win/win in my book. 

4- Nordstrom clearance 

The weak Canadian dollar is holding me back a bit but I'm still heavily tempted to buy a couple items in the Nordstrom clearance sale. I'm loving this dress coat for C at $29- even though it will be big, we can keep it for later. And I'm so partial to Caslon tunics- they are such easy wear. I only buy them on sale though. 

5- Calorie Counting

From chocolates to… well no chocolates. My old workout buddy has me counting my calories. My Up Band is helping. You see, I eat fairly healthy-- it's just when I started counting my calories, I realised that I eat a lot of the healthy stuff. Even though, I work out like it's my job, if I don't cut some calories, I'm not going to see results. So stay tuned… but let's just say there will be some cheats this weekend. A couple. Maybe more. 

That's what I got for you. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great weekend (a long one for some of us!).

And finally a few Valentines funnies--- I had to work really hard to find clean ones-- I mean really hard. My parents read this blog!

So very true

Ok this one's mean but made me chuckle

For you, D 

Ain't that the truth?

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  1. Your Valentine's Day treats came out so nice! We have been hearing so much about Cauliflower rice. Was it hard to make? We'll keep a look out if you post a recipe. Have a great weekend and stay warm! Winks and Eyerolls

  2. I'm so bad at counting calories. Love the putting a ring in a drink ecard. That would be so mean but if recorded would make for an excellent Youtube montage.

  3. That Nordstrom sale has been amazing definitely already scooped up a few pieces that have been on my radar for a major discount!

  4. I'm thinking since it's so cold there, you can eat extra cals and your body will burn them up. That's my non-scientific logic, anyway ;) I've been counting calories this entire pregnancy, but it hasn't really stopped me from eating so much, it's just made me aware that I eat a LOT!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I'm so bad at calorie counting....good luck to you!

  6. The v day goodies turned out to be so cute!

  7. I love the Valentines Party with kids idea, how fun! I LOVE Nordstroms! I hate the closest one to is 3 hrs away!

  8. Lol those meme's are awesome!

    I have never even heard of cauliflower rice!!!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  9. The first E card you posted...LOL! So funny. I hope you had an awesome weekend!


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