Thursday, August 28, 2014

Under The Boardwalk

...Or I guess maybe on the boardwalk. As Atlantic City is about three hours away from NYC (really more like two hours but there's always traffic in NYC), I've been there a few times. I'm not a big gambler but there are quite a few things to do between the boardwalk, shows, slot machines and shopping. And they've revamped it recently also so I was curious to see what was new.  So off we went for a couple nights to Atlantic City- my girls, my three aunts, my mom and myself- a girls trip if you will.... all in one car. We had to pack very lightly and still we were squished in the 7 seater! 

3 of us not shown in this pic.

We stayed at the Borgata Resort... this incredible hotel with so much to see and do. I didn't take much pictures but there were so many beautiful blown glass light fixtures that C and I were enthralled by.... I did find some images online though.

First stop-- a sweet treat for the girls... we're on vacation after all.

These were decorated in edible gold--- only in Atlantic City! 

Our room was  simply lovely with a beautiful view of the ocean. I unfortunately didn't take a night-time shot of the view which was really cool as well with all the night-lights of AC.

The first night there, my mom and aunt went to a VIP Tony Orlando concert. I declined since I didn't know who he was. Between the oldies and the delicious seafood being served however, they loved it. My other aunt and I took the kids to what we thought would be a lovely boardwalk walk. Instead, there was so much rain. We ended up just grabbing a fun dinner in Margaritaville. Between the games while waiting, the huge blender and the balloon maker on stilts, a fun time was had by all. 

A kid in a candy store--- literally. 

It was then back to the room for an early night, a clogged toilet (don't ask) and a valiant attempt to open a bottle of wine.... we ended up managing to push the cork into the bottle and spitting out bits of cork while we were drinking our wine--- fun times.

The next day though, it was bright and sunny. Off to the air-show!

We do a breakfast picnic when we stay at hotels. The kids think I'm the most fun mom and I contain the mess ;-)


Ready to rock and roll!

On our way to the air-show--- on the bus. 

The boardwalk

Heading onto the beach

Having some lunch.

I can only imagine the additives in this popsicle to give her lips that unnatural colour!

It was truly spectacular with lots of different tricks being shown.
(not really captured here though)

 I missed half of it though as A couldn't sleep with all the noise so I took her on the boardwalk for a nice long walk. 

 A couple of us went shopping, a couple of us hit some slot machines and others took the kids to the amusement park on the boardwalk. A funny story about that.... when we were younger, my aunts used to play with us on the carnival games and let us win-- we didn't know this at the time but it was hugely gratifying as a child to win a game that looked pretty difficult. This time, they did the same thing with the girls, the only thing is that now, it's $5 per person per game--- so after about $30 in games, they ended up with a couple ($5) teddy bears all won by Cassia and Anjali.... a waste some might think but Cass was the happiest kid on the block and declared it was the best-day-ever!!!

At night, a couple of us hit a Donny and Marie Osmond Show and a couple of us hit a comedy club-- I chose the latter. 

With my aunt 

before the show!

My mom was very, very sweet and babysat the kids.... however, they had a pajama party and watched SYTYCD so they also had their own fun. 

In the morning, I very quickly took the kids for a swim in the pool, eat some oatmeal and then it was time to check out...

We had a truly wonderful time... Cassia especially. Some of my best memories growing up are with my aunts on our road trips in the US. I'm glad my girls got to experience it as well!

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  1. Sounds like a fun time!!! I've never been to Atlantic City, but my Mom's family is all from the New Jersey area. PS...your girls are so adorable!

  2. Really enjoyed this trip, the all girls lime, especially being with the grand kids, it was such a pleasure looking after these two well behave (well, most of the time) adorable cuties. Thanks everyone, Geeta for making this trip possible, sabi for transport, vide for organizing extra activities and of course for Sarita for making it complete

  3. Looks like fun! You're girls are adorable.

  4. That sounds like an awesome trip! I want one of those gold dusted sweets! Yum.

  5. aw what a fun trip. sounds so lovely and great family time!

  6. I've never been to AC but it looks like a lot of fun, I mean who doesn't like to win a little money!

  7. I can't say this enough, your girls are too cute!! And it looks like such a fun girls trip :)


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