Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Everyday Life- Week 31 and 32

I feel like the best way to recap the past couple weeks and also a bit of my NY trip --- at least on a day by day basis is through my everyday life photos for 2014. So here we go!

Day #218
Sometimes we just need to put on a sweater in Canada--- even in August.

Day #219
We went to the park with some friends and here's A just monkeying around on the monkey bars.

Day #220
My girls with their friend Nadia. THey will miss seeing her weekly when school starts again!

Day #221
I can't seem to find any pics that I took of the ribfest we went to or the beaver tails we attacked so here's one of the hundreds of photos of my cutie nephew that my brother sends me--- literally hundreds!

Day #222
At the border-literally. We were stuck.in.traffic so I had time to take this pic.

Day #223
AKA- The day I met my sweet little baby, nephew. We got in after 3 in the morning but that didn't prevent us from paying him a visit later that evening.
#nephewlove #imtakinghim.
Sidenote, we had Lebanese food from a food truck btw, which was so, so, so delicious!

Day #224
Here we are in Atlantic City. There was so much rain when we got there so we took the kids to Margaritaville for some family fun--- and the adults might have had a margarita!

Day #225
It cleared up nicely the next day so we went onto the boardwalk for AC's annual air show.

Day #226
I came back to the hotel room after midnight and found my girls like this. Cassia's head was on top of A's stomach. Btw, my mom was with them. I didn't leave my kids alone in the hotel room ;-) 

Day #227
My girls and their goofiness. I love this pic! Especially A's cheeky grin. 

Day #228
More on this party later but here are the guests of honour.

Day #229
Cassia met up with my second cousin's daughter and they had such a wonderful time. Happy Meals make Happy Girls! The adults were happy too as my aunt had prepared a delicious BBQ for us. 

Day #330
Our first day in Manhattan at the Friends' fountain in Central Park.... or so we thought.

Day #331
Happy 8th Anniversary, D! Check out this amazing dessert this fantastic restaurant Daniel made for us out of avocado, lemon and coconut cream.... and the candle was surrounded by a cylinder of white chocolate.

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  1. Love all your pics but I think my favorite is the sleeping one! So hilarious! Looks like you had so much fun! Your nephew is adorable!

  2. Love all the pics! Looks like a great time!

  3. Aw, your girls are the sweetest siblings. Looks like they get along so well :)

    And that dessert. Sign me up for one of those, please!

    The Joni Journey

  4. The past two weeks was so much fun, miss you Kavir, wish you were here and hope to see you real soon. Thrilled that I can baby sit for those days without parents, cassia and Anjali behaved soooo well that is until mama returns.


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