Thursday, August 7, 2014

Favourites on Friday- iPhone apps

Happy Friday one and all!!! Only a few more summer Fridays left so let's make the most of them. 

This Friday I am focusing on my favourite iPhone apps. OF course I have the regular FB, Blogger, Twitter and Instagram but here are a few of the lesser known ones I love.... and my friends, they're all free, 'cause that's how I roll :-)


My old manager Karyn, who is like the technology queen, introduced me to this one. It's a list of playlists that you can live-stream from, curated from a team of experts. Upon logging on it asks you what you're in the mood for like working out, relaxing, cooking or having summer fun. Then you have  two further subcategories to choose from. I tell you, it's amazing. Very well designed playlists so you don't have to be the DJ yourself.


I love collages for blogging and this one allows me to do it right from my iPhone and post it right to Blogger. Easy-peasy. And then you can choose texts, frames and effects as well. 

Border Times

I don't use this very often, but when I need to cross the US/Canadian border, Bordertimes lets me know which bridge has the least wait-times and traffic. 



My family is growing and let's face it, I sometimes forget birthdays and anniversaries.... especially for my in-laws--- eek! This app reminds you of all the birthdays, anniversaries and special events in the lives of your loved ones.... and you can even sync it to your contact list.


I saved the best for last.... I love, love, love my Cozi calendar. I learned about it at a Women in Marketing Conference about 4 years ago and I've used it since. It is a family organizer/calendar and can sync to your entire family's smart devices whatever they are. You can also access it from your laptop and iPad. It's colour coded for each family member's appointments as well. It also has to-do and  shopping list sections that can be synced instantly (so like say your husband goes to the supermarket and you forgot to add something, just slip it onto the cozi list ). But that never happens in my house, I put everything on the list beforehand

What are your favourite apps? Free or otherwise?
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Happy Weekending, everyone!

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  1. Love that you chose Apps...I never have time to search around and am super excited to try Songza and FrameUrLife. Thinking I need to give Cozi another try too...tried it once before online but I don't think I've seen the app!

  2. Love seeing what Apps other people use!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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